Street names changing in Santa Claus

Changes to Santa Claus roadways, recently approved by the Santa Claus Town Council, have the potential to increase Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) funding for the town, as well as improve emergency services (911) addressing.

Approved roadway changes include:

1) The unnamed stretch of road leading from Hwy 245 to the Santa Claus Community Center will be adopted into the town’s street inventory and become an extension of Main Street. The Community Center address will change accordingly.

2) The drive on the southwestern side of the Fire Department, between the department and Hwy 245, will be designated a public way and named Fireplace Drive. Addresses for the Fire Department and the adjacent residential apartments will change accordingly.

3) Utility Drive will be the new name of the road leading off Hwy 245 to the sewer plant and Utility Department offices. Affected addresses will change accordingly.

4) Stop intersections will be designated on Main Street southbound from the Community Center, eastbound on Main Street approaching Hwy 245 (Holiday Blvd), eastbound at Fireplace Drive approaching Hwy 245, and on Utility Drive approaching Hwy 245.

The time line for the changes will be determined by the 911 administrator, Spencer County Highway Department, and US Postal Services.

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