Generosity is the Watchword at Lincoln Trail

Photo by Hope Davis

Students at Lincoln Trail Elementary are also very giving.

Principal of Lincoln Trail presents the proceeds from their fundraising to Mario Rodriguez’s oldest sister Diana Rodriguez.

Every year the students raise funds for Pennies for Patients, donating the money to blood cancer research, including leukemia. 

Diana Rodriguez thanks everyone for all that they have done for her family.

Heritage Hills Middle School student Mario Lopez was diagnosed with leukemia in October. When Lincoln Trail heard about a student in their own community fighting leukemia they decided to raise money for him and his family. The student council came together and organized a basketball game between 6th graders vs teachers and drew tickets at the end of every quarter for a student to shoot a basketball for a chance to win a prize. They also sold tee shirts and bracelets and at the end of fund-raising they had garnered a total of $1,750 for Mario and his family. While Mario is still in the hospital, his oldest sister, Diana Rodriguez, accepted the donation on her family’s behalf Friday morning. There was not a dry eye in the school following her heartfelt thank-you.

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