Dubois County Court News- March 4, 2020


No Valid Driver’s License: Gregory Y. Wicker; Donald B. Mullins, $141.

Operating With Expired Plates: Chase R. Wagner, dismissed; Holly J. Hunter; Ashley D. Tempel, $141.

Speeding: Tae-Tanatia X Abbott; Adrian K. Jackson; Alexandria Nicole Gentile; Lacie J. Hoke; John F. Marmelo; Josten A. Fellers; August F. Nash, Jr., $141.

Following Too Closely: Rebekah D. Sales; Timothy W. Sanders, $141.

Passing Stopped School Bus: Justin P. Teeter, $141.

Overtaking and Passing in Worksite No Passing Zone: Timothy D. Stone, II, $141.

Seatbelt Violation: Matthew E. Lichlyter; Jason M. Brady, $25.

Driving While Suspended / Speeding: Dillon W. Andry, $141.

Driving While Suspended: Angel L .Wells, $141.

New Suits

Organ Law Offices, P.C. vs Cory Chadd, civil collection.

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. vs the following: Meghan Vaal; Mecinda Baker, civil collection.

Synchrony Bank vs Tonya Seidl, civil collection.

Midland Funding, LLC vs Teresa Magee, civil collection.

Leonel A. Hernandez vs Jessica L. Adams, domestic relations.

Steven Wiseman vs Amber Henson, civil tort.

Zachary Opel vs Marissa Opel, domestic relations.

Laura N. Schepers vs James R. Dixey, domestic relations.

Gilma Guadalupe Martinez Perez vs Alex Estuardo Ladino Perez, domestic relations.

Thomas R. Begle vs American Family Insurance Company, civil collection.

Dominic Sleigh vs Aubree P. Sleigh, domestic relations.

Circuit Civil

Adriana S. Mendoza vs Saul Calderon Bobadilla, marriage dissolved.

Jennifer Tarvin vs Dennis Tarvin, Jr., marriage dissolved.

Midland Funding, LLC vs Nicholas Blue, judgment for plaintiff, $963.92.

Kansas Porter vs Noah Murphy, marriage dissolved.

Circuit Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Jamie Ford, pled guilty to intimidation, level 6 felony; sentenced to 360 days in Dubois County Security Center (DCSC), with credit for 150 days served and 150 days good time credit, pay fines and costs.

Zachery R. Uppencamp, pled guilty to residential entry, level 6 felony; sentenced to 360 days in DCSC, all to serve on home detention with GPS monitoring, no contact with Ashley Luegers, pay fines and costs.

Dylan T. Mundy, pled guilty to possession of an altered handgun (count 1), level 5 felony; resisting law enforcement (count 2), level 6 felony; and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person (count 5), class A misdemeanor; sentenced to 730 days in the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) in count 1, 364 days in DCSC in count 2, and 364 days in DCSC in count 5, with credit for time served, remaining time to serve on community corrections, driver’s license suspended 90 days, complete substance abuse evaluation and all treatment recommendations, pay fines and costs.

Arvin W. Cruite, pled guilty to invasion of privacy, class A misdemeanor; sentenced to four days in DCSC, with credit for two days served and two days good time credit, pay fines and costs.

Robert C. Mathies, pled guilty to two counts of intimidation, both level 6 felonies; sentenced to 730 days in DCSC in each count, with credit for 365 days served and 365 days good time credit, leaving 592 days suspended to supervised probation, complete anger management counseling, no contact with Larry Jeffries or Michael Drescher, pay fines and costs.

Superior Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Gretchen M. Hunter, pled guilty to unlawful possession of a syringe (count 1), level 6 felony, and possession of paraphernalia (count 2), class C misdemeanor; sentenced to 365 days in DCSC in count 1 and 60 days in count 2, to run concurrently, all suspended to 365 days supervised probation, contact court alcohol and drug program director and comply with all treatment recommendations, shall not possess or consume alcohol or controlled substances, submit to and pass random alcohol/drug screenings, pay fines and costs.

Brandy M. Reed, pled guilty to auto theft, level 6 felony; sentenced to two days in DCSC, with credit for two days served, making sentence complete, pay fines and costs.

Brittany Bartlett, pled guilty to theft, class A misdemeanor; sentenced to 365 days in DCSC, with credit for four days served, remaining time suspended to 357 days supervised probation, 80 hours community service, pay fines and costs.

Small Claims (New Suits)

Organ Law Offices, P.C. vs the following: Priscilla Patton; Linda Rand; Mari and Stan Schneider; Christopher Stravena and Megan Dunn Stravena; Galen Jay and Joyce Knepp; Dylan Coleman; Ashley Goodwin; Kimberly and William Gudorf; Ginger and Joshua Isley; Marcia and Nartin Lewis; Michael McGhee; Bret Holt and Mabelew Mitchell; Ronald Nixon; Shawn Parks; Jamie Buis; Kathleen Harrison; Douglas and Jenny Polley; Robert Bravo; David and Jeana Byrne; Melanie and Steven Ennis; Patricia and Thomas Fischer, complaint.

Charles Kruger vs Sharon Risley and all other occupants, eviction.

Medical of Dubois vs the following: Luan Nguyen and Lanh Doung; Angela P. Allsup, complaint.

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: Jennifer A. Leath; Corey T. Keefer; Brian W. Gochanour; Scott A. Moore; William J. Zastawnik; Christopher L. Cabrera; Eric S. Henke; Kelsey N. Leighty; Jeremy S. Leinenbach; Robert L. Greene, complaint.

Ashley Boeglin vs Darlene Boeglin, complaint.

A&B Housing, LLC vs Chrystal Galdamez, eviction.

Small Claims

Alan Schmitt vs Andrea Braunecker, judgment for plaintiff, $2,125 plus interest.

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: Jessica L. Eckert, judgment for plaintiff, $6,000; Mary C. Blume, judgment for plaintiff, $5,909.01; Sherry L. Brewster, judgment for plaintiff, $4,394.59; Jon L. Blackgrave, judgment for plaintiff, $5,043.50; Jessica L. Mohr, judgment for plaintiff, $5,220.40; Elizabeth H. Buzan, judgment for plaintiff, $4,806.31; Alyson Borden, dismissed; Marsha S. Jones, dismissed; Anthony P. Biondo, dismissed; Amy R. Helming, dismissed.

Organ Law Offices vs the following: Brenda Juarez, judgment for plaintiff, $1,820; Adrianne R. Allen, judgment for plaintiff, $1,726.

Donna Jean Carie vs Teresa Schiemann, judgment for plaintiff, $4,018.

Ewing Properties vs Rahman and Brandi Smiley, dismissed.

St. Anthony Mill vs Jordan Ison Farm, judgment for plaintiff, $1,071.31.

Allstar Cash Advance vs Melissa Rogers, judgment for plaintiff, $255.

Rent-A-Center vs Kendra Woolsey, judgment for plaintiff, $1,625 plus interest.

Gasser Electric vs Clara Lyons, dismissed.

Huntingburg Machine Works vs Rick Fickel, judgment for plaintiff, $343.57.

Messmer Mechanical, Inc. vs Debra Ortiz, dismissed.

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