WHEREAS, pursuant to Indiana Code Chapter 36-8-2, Spencer County, State of Indiana may, among other things, regulate conduct, or use, or possession of property, that might endanger the public health, safety, or welfare.

WHEREAS, the safety and health of County staff and community members is of the utmost priority, Spencer County continues to monitor and follow all guidance and required actions from the CDC, Governor Eric Holcomb, the Indiana State Department of Health and the Spencer County Health Department in an effort to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spencer County.

NOW, THEREFORE, in an effort to provide for the public health, welfare and safety of the citizens of Spencer County as a means to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and the potential effects on our community be it Resolved by the Board of Commissioners of Spencer County, State of Indiana, as follows:

1. Effective Wednesday, March 18th, all Spencer County offices and facilities will be closed to the public. This does not stop the County operations. People who need to conduct business with the County in person will be allowed to do so on a case by case basis by making an appointment with the respective County office, who will determine if it warrants personal interaction. Notices will be posted on building doors with phone numbers to call to reach someone inside each County office to discuss their business needs.

2. Entry to the Courthouse shall be limited to the Second Street entrance. Anyone entering shall be subject to COVID-19 health screening. Anyone deemed by the Spencer County Health Department to be likely suffering from COVID-19 shall be denied entry.

3. Each County office holder, including the Court shall establish procedures for accessing their services, whether by mail, email or in person by appointment on a prearranged case by case basis.

4. Only essential County boards and commissions will be allowed to meet to conduct business and will be limited to 15 or less attendees at a time. The intent of this is to allow the Board of Commissioners and County Council to see that there is continuity in County operations but to limit the exposure to employees and citizens.

5. This proclamation does not close the County offices. All offices will continue operation, just with much less in-person interaction.

6. With the assistance of the Spencer County Health Department and Spencer County Emergency Management Agency, this situation will continue to be monitored and further actions taken when and if warranted. 

7. It is our hope and intent to minimize the inconvenience posed to our citizens while continuing to protect the health and safety of our citizens and work force. We encourage all citizens with County government needs to utilize phone and email as the first course of action to conduct County business. We also encourage everyone to follow the CDC and Indiana State Department of Health recommendations for protecting yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

DATED this 17th day of March, 2020.
Jim Seiler
Thomas A. Logsdon
Thomas Brown

Heidi Greene

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