Photo and Story by: Hope Davis

How many creatures are there!? It started with one unicorn then it jumped to two this past weekend. Out of the blue we then received reports of a friendly T-Rex! 

We were out yesterday on a unicorn hunt and finally spotted the illusive blue unicorn. We were expecting to see two blue unicorns, but that is in fact not what we saw. Instead, there was of course our favorite aqua dancing steed, but next to it was a bright pink unicorn! That puts our creature count at four. How many friends does this unicorn have working with it? There are so many questions still unanswered. 

Judging by all the Facebook posts we see on our feed, the movement this little blue unicorn has started is one that is much needed. With everyone stuck in their homes, and children unable to see their friends, it’s nice to see such a silly sight dancing right past your home. If you can’t go to the fun, it seems they have decided to bring the fun to you!  Keep posting photos and videos of these crazy characters! It’s so nice to see Spencer Countians looking out for each other. These times are grim, and can often be a little scary if you let yourself think to much about it. It is important to stay informed on what is going on with COVID-19, but it’s so pleasant for a break amidst the chaos and to watch these unicorns dance all around social media and our communities. Keep up the great work unicorns, thank you for putting smiles on so many faces!

Keep up with us as we continue to track down these Unicorns. They have recently made a Facebook page, many of their posts are done in rhymes and riddles letting people know where they will be seen. 


Please remember to socially distance when they come around. Dance and play with them, but distance is key to keeping them around! We want everyone to stay healthy during this time!

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