Local company going above and beyond

by: Kathy Tretter

The powers that be at Thermwood, a cutting edge manufacturing firm in Dale, recognized almost immediately how local community services are especially challenged during these uncertain times with the demand and change dealing with COVID-19.

In response, starting last week, they reached out to a number of local community services (i.e. hospitals, EMS, medical clinics, police departments, nursing homes) to see if they were open to receiving pizzas. Pizza was delivered to these places on behalf of Thermwood and its employees.

“We hope this gesture boosted the morale of those working at these healthcare facilities and provided much needed support to local restaurants,” explained Executive Vice President Jason Susnara, for the company, adding, “Thermwood will continue and expand upon this effort into the foreseeable future to simply show our support, gratitude and appreciation for those managing the COVID-19 crisis locally.”

Thermwood’s Support to Address Medical Supply Issues

A tip came to the Leader office from Heather Gries, a candidate for Spencer County Commissioner District 2, about what else Thermwood is doing for the cause.

On a truly significant scale, Thermwood has been involved with customers that are using and will need additional Thermwood routers and the company’s services to make products for critical medical supplies

One of these customers is SuperATV LLC, an Indiana company. They needed two CNC routers immediately in order to make protective shields for cashiers and grocery stores. They just ordered three Model 43’s but do not have the time to wait for them so Thermwood is loaning them two demo machines to get them through until their new Model 43’s are built and installed.

One of their existing customers, Bednark in New York City, is making face shields for hospitals and medical clinics and needed help with the program and production process. With their permission, Thermwood took it further and is providing the programs and material information to companies that have both Thermwood and other brand CNC routers.

Another customer is quickly setting up operations in Texas to make a combo surgical table, gurney, and wheelchair that saves vast floor space and bed transfers for patients and medical staff. They need a five-axis machine immediately and are in the process of purchasing the company’s Model 90 demo machine.

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