Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – May 12, 2020

Brenda K. Embry to Mark J. Embry and Tonya S. Jackson. Lot 3, Henry Eckerts Place.

Brenda K. Embry to Mark J. Embry and Tonya S. Jackson. Pt. SE NE s3, t3s, r5w, 0.66 acre.

Brenda K. Embry to Mark J. and Tonya L. Embry. Lot 1, Huntingburg.

Sander Processing, Inc. to Sander Properties, LLC. Lots 83, 86, 82, 87 and Pt. Lot 106, Celestine.

The Estate of Marie Denu, by Kevin L. Denu (personal representative), to John Andrew Chinn and Gabrielle Marie Terwiske. Pt. SE NE s7, t1s, r3w, 1.00 acre.

The Victor H. and Janet L. Pfaff Revocable Living Trust, by Brian J., Ryan A., Mark A. and Michael J. Pfaff (co-trustees), to Brian J. and Angela F. Pfaff. Pt. NE SE s14, t2s, r5w, 2.128 acres.

Robert E. and Bonnie M. Emmert to Robert E. Emmert, Jr. Lots 48 and 49, Southeast Add.

Sherri L. Roos to Cassandra L. and James W. Robertson. Lot 14, Brookstone Estates.

Arlen Lizeht Fuentes and Lilian Ramirez to Elmer O. Calderon Calderon and Yohalma G. Menjivar de Calderon. Pt. Lot 17, Gerkens Add.

The Jerome W. and Elizabeth Blesch Family Trust, by Barbara L. Shafer (trustee), to Schmett Properties, LLC. N 1/2 NW s17, t3s, r5w, 8.4 acres.

Wagner Brothers Construction Company, Inc. to Georgene M. Wagner. Pt. NW SW s23, t1s, r6w, 0.246 acre.

Noah Werner and Haley Werner, f/k/a Haley Gudorf, to Noah and Haley Werner. Lots 22, 25 and 30, James F. Hochgsangs Second Add.

Krystal A. Parr to Thomas C. Tipton. Pt. SW NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.31 acre.

Blesch Bros., Inc. to Oser Rentals, LLC. Pt. Lots 24 and 24, Kunz North Add.

The Estate of Albert A. Knies, by Kyla K. Schepers and Karlene K. Nelson (personal representatives), to Kellie K. Knies. Lot 9, Herman W. Heidorns Add., Huntingburg.

Robert Werner to Robert S. and Rebecca S. Werner. Pt. SE SE s35, t1s, r5w, 0.48 acre.

Lankford O. McCarty, Jr. to Nancy Cantrell. Pt. Lot 24, Huntingburg.

Nancy Cantrell to Lankford O. McCarty, Jr. Pt. Lot 24, Huntingburg.

Jerry D. and Rita G. Clem to Kurt and Cassie N. Kuczynski. Lot 24, Northview Estates Add.

Kerstiens Development, Inc. to Manson R. and Jordan P. Poteet. Lot 16, Country Ridge Estates.

Derek W. Neuhoff to Derek W. and Sydney L. Neuhoff. W 1/2 NE s23, t2s, r5w; Pt. NW s23, t2s, r5w, containing 1.5 acre.

Dale Knies Farms, LLC to Dale and Robin Knies. Pt. NE SW s32, t1s, r3w, 3.5 acres.

Dale and Robin Knies to Patrick and Riley Hasenour. Pt. NE SW s32, t1s, r3w, 3.5 acres.

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