Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – September 1, 2020

Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Benjamin J. Stillman. Lot 41, Hunters Crossing Section 2.

Michael S. and Jennifer A. Wagner to Richard F. Kunkel. Lot 18, Deer Creek Park.

John S. and Lisa R. Reutepohler to Audrey M. Schitter. S 1/2 s20, t1s, r5w, 0.51 acre.

The Edgar W. and C. Laverne Brosmer Primary Trust, by Carroll Harder (trustee), to David J. Curtis. Lots 126 and 127, Skyline Sub., Jasper.

Jeannette M. Rowden to Jeannette M. and Annette M. Rowden. Pt. Lot 24, Wagners Add., Ferdinand.

Jeannette M. Rowden to Jeannette M. and Robert E. Alvis. Pt. Lots 15 and 16, Beckmans Add., Ferdinand.

Patricia A. Schuetter to Michael C. and Karen S. Hughes. Lot 1, Schuetter’s Sub.

Kyle Scott and Shea Nicole Souders to Adam J. McBeth. Pt. NE NE s13, t3s, r6w, 1.05 acre.

Kristine Fischer to Amy R. and Shawn J. Blackorby. Pt. SE NE s36, t2s, r5w, Huntingburg.

The Judith Olinger Revocable Trust, by Laura Olinger (trustee), to Cory R. and Kelsey L. Menke. Pt. Lot 1, Hunters Run.

Robert L. and Gertrude A. Steffen by Thomas L. and Rose A. Terwiske (guardians) to Midway Ventures, LLC. Lot 36, Reiders Add., Jasper.

Wesley Ryan and Alba Nidia Adair to Marina D. Rickenbaugh. Lot 82, Woodland Hills Sub., Celestine.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Grant Thomas and Adalyn Kate Welp. Lot 9, Country Ridge Estates.

Clay C. Peacock and Megan L. Peacock, f/k/a Megan L. Dippel, to Clay C. and Megan L. Peacock. Lot 1, The Farm.

Morris D. and Linda M. Kalb to Kalb Family Grain, LLC. N 1/2 NE s5, t1s, r4w, 8.960 acres; W 1/2 SW s4, t1s, r4w, 60.8 acres; E 1/2 SE s5, t1s, r4w, 9.78 acres; NW SE s35, t1n, r4w, 40 acres; NE SW s35, t1n, r4w, 39 acres; SE NW s35, t1n, r4w, 30.98 acres.

Melissa Ann Mehringer and Michelle Marie Boeglin to Brent Sutton. N 1/2 SW NE s22, t2s, r5w, 9.18 acres.

Scott Thomas Wigand and the Estate of Scott Thomas Wigand, by Karla M. Wigand (guardian), to Karla M. Wigand. Lot 29, Arrowhead Ridge, Jasper.

David A. Huff, Sharon Wright, Herbert A. Huff and Janice Marie Lytle to Karen Mason. Lots 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, Kyana.

The Lloyd E. and Melba S. Prusz Family Trust, by Melba S. Prusz, Martha J. Krohn and Janet F. Townsend (trustees), to Nicholas A. and Andrea C. Mathies. Pt. SE SE s22, t3s, r6w, 1.539 acre; Pt. NE NE s27, t3s, r6w, 1.416 acre.

Beverly Harris, f/k/a Beverly S. Seng, to Shelby Lillian and Austin Lee Seng. Lot 42, Celestine Highland Estates Second Add., Celestine.

Paul E. and Cheryl L. Clark to Maria Soledad Rocha and Heidy Baires. Lot 69, Northwest Sub., Jasper.

Kyle M. and Kaci M. Greulich to Tressie S. Mlsna. Pt. SW SE s20, t3s, r4w, Ferdinand.

The Estate of Donald L. Blessinger, by Rhonda D. Boehm and Donna M. Haase (personal representatives), to the Byron and Audrey Sabin Keystone Trust, by Jeannie R. Ellis (trustee). Lot 13, Joseph L. Hasenours Sixth Add., Jasper.

Catherine Laverne Matheis, Phil Matheis, Debra M. Knies (power of attorney), Thomas and Barbara Schrader, Alan and Rebecca Matheis, and Keith and Debra Knies to Clint Lee Brosmer. Lot 10 and Pt. Lot 11, Wineingers Add.

Fleck Bros. Farm, Inc. to Douglas G. Fleck. Pt. NE NW s31, t1s, r4w, 0.124 acre.

Fleck Bros. Farm, Inc. to Douglas G. and Jeffrey Fleck. Pt. NE NW s31, t1s, r4w, 0.060 acre.

Fleck Bros. Farm, Inc. to Steven L. and Nancy E. Fleck. Pt. NE NW s31, t1s, r4w, 0.150 acre.

Fleck Bros. Farm, Inc. to Gregory K. Fleck. Pt. NE NW s31, t1s, r4w, 0.021 acre.

Fleck Bros. Farm, Inc. to Scott C. and Rebecca M. Seger. NE SW s31, t1s, r4w; SE NW s31, t1s, r4w; Pt. NE NW s31, t1s, r4w, 86.138 acres.

Thomas E. and Nanette T. Seng to Seng Farms, Inc. Pt. NW NE s13, t1s, r4w, 0.211 acre.

Carpenter Rentals, LLC to Michael McGhee. Pt. Lot 4, Gerber and Huthers Sub., Jasper.

Christian H. and Julie A. Kelly to Bradley A. and Kerry L. Bruner. Lot 11, Kellams Second Add., Jasper.

Matthew and Shannon Egg to Shannon Egg Knight. S 1/2 Lots 9 and 10, Wagner Add., Ferdinand.

Zachery C. Underhill to Marian V. Dale. Pt. Lot 16, Kundecks Second Add., Jasper.

Michael L. Simone, by Jennifer L. Simone (power of attorney), to Hector J. and Christina M. Delgado. Lot 20, Grassland Hills West, Jasper.

Diann L. Oates to Stanley J. and Robin L. Fowler. Lot 9, Country Club Estates, Jasper.

Scott A. Burke to Maxwell Huebner. Pt. Lots 137, 138, 139, 170, 171 and 172, O Eckerles Victory Villa Sixth Add., Jasper.

Gene A. and Joyce Ann Thieman to Gene A. and Joyce Ann Thieman. Pt. SE NW s4, t3s, r5w; Pt. NW SW s4, t3s, r5w; Pt. NE SW s4, t3s, r5w; S 1/2 of the N 1/2 SE s20, t2s, r5w; Pt. NW s4, t3s, r5w, Huntingburg, 73.146 acres.

Kerry S. and Judith Ann Eckerle and the Kerry S. and Judith A. Eckerle Irrevocable Map Trust to the Kerry S. and Judith A. Eckerle Irrevocable Map Trust, by Darin G. Hoppenjans (trustee). Pt. NE SE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.74 acre.

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