Schnuck duo returns from Texas as 2020 World Champions

Janie, Haley and Frosty ride to victory again!

LAMAR – Janie Schnuck and her trusty 19-year-old horse, Do He Do White, affectionately known as Frosty, returned to Indiana with three world championship titles and Reserve HIGH POINT HORSE from the American Paint Horse Association’s 2020 World Championship Show that concluded October 3 in Fort Worth, Texas. Due to Covid-19, the Youth World Championship was moved to September/October in connection with the APHA WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW for open and amateur classes. That was good news for Schnuck — one trip to Texas instead of two trips!

Schnuck and Frosty have added greatly to their trophy wall over the last five years, having earned comparable recognitions at three other major competitions prior to their latest success. Janie and her daughter earned over 31 Belt Buckles and many Trophies for their trophy case. 

Schnuck lives in Lamar, where she is cultivating a similar love for the equine arts in her daughters, Hannah and Haley.

APHA – American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second largest international equine breed association The registry includes more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since its founding in 1962. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.

Janie and Haley loaded her horse at 2 a.m. Wednesday, September 30, and took off to Fort Worth with a truck, a four-horse gooseneck horse trailer and a big dream. After 852 miles and 14 hours, the Hoosier entourage arrived at the Will Rogers Arena — safe, sound and ready to compete. Frosty got unloaded and taken to a round pen where he could stretch his legs and have a good roll. Frosty had a day of rest and both rider and horse got some arena time to familiarize themselves with the barrel-racing pattern and course size. Patterns change from arena to arena depending on the size of the facility, meaning each championship contest has its own distinct challenges. The arena at Will Rogers is huge. Janie’s analogy is, “I could eat a Big Mac to the first barrel, fries to the second, milk shake to the third and a Coke on the way out of the arena — Huge! Lots of heart and grit is needed for horses to run those huge patterns at full speed. You have to be careful coming down the chute, ‘cause you come in the arena full speed and Frosty has to be hunting for the first barrel. Coming in too fast or too slow can create issues you have to correct quickly, like blowing past the first barrel or turning into it and knocking it over. You knock a barrel or pole at world show and you’re out and makes for a long drive home!”

Almost three years ago to the day, Schnuck and Frosty brought home three titles from the 2017 APHA World Championship. In June 2018, she and her daughter, Haley, collectively brought home six world-championship titles and three reserve world championships from the 53rd annual Pinto World Championship show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Janie always wears UK Blue for her love of Kentucky and basketball. This year she made a promise to her oldest daughter, Hannah, that if she showed up at a horse show in Edinburgh earlier this year, she would wear IU red! Hannah is a freshman at IU Bloomington and she did show up at the horse show, so Janie went from UK blue to IU red. After winning the World Show in red, Janie laughed, “I think red might be a good color for Frosty.” He just might have to wear red for a while now.

Schnuck’s latest venture into competitive horse riding placed her among more than 18,856 entries performing under five judges for the World Championship Buckles and Prizes. More than 1,320 horses were on display at the competition, for more than $1,250,000 in cash, $110,000 in scholarships, and prizes. APHA named 205 World Champions over 299 classes. The international event had 45 US states, five Canadian provinces, Denmark, Mexico and Sweden represented.

Janie and Frosty won 2020 APHA AM Stake Race, with a reserve championship title in AM Pole Bending and 9th in AM Barrels. Haley won 2020 APHA POLE BENDING, Stake Race and Reserve in Youth Pole Bending.  Haley also was honored to receive Reserve Champion in 4D RIP SWEEPSTAKE BARREL with 117 entries, and a paycheck for $1,600 that came back to Indiana.

Frosty is 19 years old and triple registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association and American Pinto Association. Janie is 52 this year and the two are reportedly having the best year ever.

She has been on horseback since she was two years old, growing up around her family’s horses in Georgetown, KY. Janie’s passion for riding stayed with her, and ultimately led her to the Eternal City of Rome, Italy, where she offered her services as a tutor to an Italian family’s two children. After returning to the United States, she moved to Spencer County and established herself as a volunteer, helping teach 4-H students the equestrian arts.

When she decided to take up riding seriously again, Frosty was the first new horse to join the family and now lives on their Lamar farm with Ruby, a 17-year-old mare that serves as the primary partner for Schnuck’s daughter, Haley. Ruby proved her worth in Tulsa and Ohio winning at the ALL AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE CONGRESS in 2018.

“I have had a blessed year with Frosty and he is unlike any horse I have ever owned,” said Schnuck. “He is not a one-in-a-million kind of horse. He is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of horse. He will retire someday at Sunshine Ranch in Lamar, Indiana whenever he decides he don’t want to do this anymore. When Frosty is done…so am I,” said Janie.  “It’s been one hell of a ride! Memories of a lifetime.  Until that day, I will keep him healthy and in shape to go after another title next year.”  

The 2021 APHA WORLD SHOW is scheduled for June 25-July 11.

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