Attention Dale Residents

The Town of Dale intends to submit a grant application to the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) for $700,000 to help fund a $2.6 million rehab project for the town’s aging sewer system.  

The project would, ultimately, reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration going into the system and help prevent overflows, which are especially problematic on the west side of town.

The grants are very competitive, and public support is crucial to a successful grant application. The second of two mandatory public hearings was held Tuesday, November 10, but there is still an opportunity to help Dale’s chances.

 Surveys are available at Town Hall. Filling out a survey would be beneficial.

Or, if so inclined, write a letter. Letters of support from the public would go a long way toward ensuring a successful application (which would help keep rates low).

The rub? Letters and surveys are due by Tuesday, November 17. 

For more info, call the Town Office at 812-937-2086.

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