Dale News Dec. 12, 1986: Heritage Hills Winter Sports

BOYS J.V. BASKETBALL: Cheerleaders, from left: Kristi Van Winkle, Nichole Braun, Billie Painter, Joann Wahl, Amy King.
Middle Row: Jeff Hellmers, manager, John Wetzel, Greg Miller, Troy Fischer, Matt Tullis, Marty Cleland, Gene Mosley, manager.
Back Row: Mike Tower, assistant, Kenny Mulzer, Rodney Patmore, Steve Schaefer, Greg Schnuck, Brian Vinson, Kenny Heckel, Clint Arnold, Ron Pund, assistant, Dale Hein, coach.
GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL — Front row, from left: Angel Kirby, Pam Mulzer, For Seifrig, Becky Ewing.
Back Row: Larry Hess, assistant, Tammy Jamniczky, Krista Conner, Erika McCormick, Staci Lynam, Stan Jochim, Coach.
1986-87 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL — From left, front row: Billie Jo Painter, Joan Bohemian, Kim Waniger, Susan Troth and Jackie Smith.
Back row: Larry Hess, asst. Coach Stacy Byers, manager, Karen Harpe, Christine Brown, Paula Schaefer, Christine McCloud, Amy Roos and Coach Stan Jochim. — Photo by McCarty Studios
1986-87 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL — From left, front row: Cheerleaders Christy Harpenau, Kelly Antonini, Pam Schaefer, Kathy Carpenter, Tracy Spencer, and Kyla Kramer.
Middle Row: Jeff Hellmers, manager, Darin Lynam, Todd Wilkerson, John Wetzel, Trent Bates, Mark Bates, Genen Mosley, manager.
Back row: Mike Tower, asst. coach, Clint Arnold, Mike Crews, Greg Schnuck, Brian Vinson, Kenny Dilger, John Obermeier, David Litkenhus, Jeff Jean, asst. coach Ron Pund and head coach Dale Hein. — Photo by McCarty Studios.
FRESHMAN BASKETBALL — Cheerleaders, from left: Lori Seifrig, Michelle, Tower, Angie Cooper, Tina Ward.
Middle Row: Brett Henke, Don Snyder, Matt Keller, Jack Huff, Wayne Dugas, James Cassidy, Robert McCloud.
Back Row: James Lamb, manager, Heath Hall, Jeremy Hein,Tim Troth, Ron Pund, coach.
1986-87 BOYS SWIM TEAM — From left, front row: Erin Brown, manager, Matt Moesner, Brian Brummel, Ludwig Neuhoff, Rod Gasaway, Tracy Weaver, manager.
Back Row: Todd Werne, Jeff Wade, Thad Jackson, David Delaney, Kevin Patmore, Mark Ayer, and Coach Gary Ayer. — Photo by McCarty Studios

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