Court News- December 14, 2020

Traffic Citations (New)

Speeding: Stephen R. Coalter; Olivia J. Baker; Cody L. Benningfield; Aaron W. Bentley; Morgan E. Briles; Tyler R. Brown; Emily N. Buechler; Ashley B. Christian; Desmond R. Coleman; Leondias E. Darling; Dan L. Evans; Cody J. Ferguson; Justin A. Fussner; Alva J. Graber; Cody N. Hagan; Eric S. Harrington; Chris L. Holman; Ashlyn N. Holt; Summer D. Howard; Deon Lamar Jackson; Nicholas C. Kuchle; Jacob B. Leach; Zebadiah J. Lester; Colton W. Marchand; Jacob L. McCarty; Terboris S. Nickerson II; Caden M. Scherer; Jody D. Smith; Christopher S. Snider II; Joseph M. Zinkl, Jr.

Operating With Expired Plates / No Valid Driver’s License: Deje A. Baker.

Operating With Expired Plates: Katarina J. Bell; Alfonzo D. Browning.

No Valid Driver’s License: Hidelfo Gonzales Ramirez.

Driving While Suspended: James M. Harrison.

Improper Passing: Donald R. Klinge.

Operating Motor Vehicle With Fictitious Plate / Speeding: Bradely A. McCallister.

Failure to Change Lanes for Authorized Emergency Vehicle: Johnny E. McNay.

Driving Wrong Way on Posted One-Way Road: Joseph G. Payne.

Operating With Fictitious Plate / Expired Plates / Improper or No Turn Signal: Jonathan Sandage.

Speeding / Driving While Suspended: Jacob S. Shofner; Charles K. Skaggs.

Small Claims (New)

Hoosier Accounts Service vs Erika D. Barco, complaint.

Medical & Professional Collection Services, Inc. vs the following: Rodger Dale Wilson; Stephen G. Fenwick, complaint.

Stein Garage, LLC vs Jim Maddox, complaint.

Civil (New)

Midland Credit Management, Inc. vs Scott Harger, civil collection.

Cavalry SPV I, LLC vs Ramona Beatty, civil collection.

Larry Yeager vs Tammy Yeager, domestic relations.

Criminal Misdemeanors (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Hugo Teague, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person; operating a vehicle with an ACE of at least 0.08 but less than 0.15; operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Criminal (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Ronald W. Duncan, child molesting (four counts), sexual misconduct with a minor (two counts).

Theresa Simpson, operating a vehicle while being a habitual traffic offender.

Rebecca L. Smith, resisting law enforcement; driving while suspended; operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person; operating a vehicle with an ACE of 0.15 or more; operating a vehicle while intoxicated; reckless driving.

Ronnie A. Denson, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia.

Probate (New)

In Re: the Unsupervised Estate of Alan Meyer.

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