Boom, Boom, Birdie at the Chrisney Golf Course


By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

The annual Fourth of July Picnic at the Chrisney Golf Course welcomed crowds to a pleasantly cool evening for fireworks, music, food and fun. This year’s fireworks show included about $6,500 worth of pyrotechnics, all from Smoking Joe’s Fireworks in Sturgis, KY. As it has for the last nine years, the show was headed by local veterans Steve Richardt and Jason Probus, along with friends and family. Steve and Jason have been putting on these performances for 16 years, starting out as a private show at Jason’s house before accepting an invitation to take over the annual show at the golf course.

Jason and Steve both served in the Army. Veterans are also well represented among the rest of the crew.

Military training certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to preparing a massive display of fireworks, either through technical know how or a finely honed instinct for self preservation if something goes awry. The crew have steadily expanded the show since they started serving the annual picnic, working to figure out how best to make use of the golf course’s terrain. 

“We do it for the kids,” said Steve. “It’s gotten bigger and bigger over the years.”

The pre-firework celebration was full of events and activities, such as bounce houses, a pick-up whiffleball game, and line dancing

Steve Richardt and Jason Probus, along with Brian Richardt, prepared the celebrations firework show for the night. Around $6500 worth of pyrotechnics went into this year’s show

As the sun went down, the fireworks went up. The Chrisney Golf Course Fourth of July Celebration surely did not disappoint this year!



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