Fun-filled Freedom on the Rock


Freedom on the Rock closed out the Fourth of July season in style at Rockport City Park. Food trucks, music, and plenty of attractions kept things interesting before the fireworks began. Decorated golf carts toured a field filled with classic autos on display for the annual car show. There were also a number of inflatables, allowing kids to make high jumps with the safety of a bungee cord or ride a mechanical bull atop a soft surface.

Photos by Don Steen

Featured Image: Among the plenty of attractions was a popular trampoline inflatable, fit with a bungee cord that allowed jumpers to jump as high as they possibly could

(Upper Left): Attendees of the Freedom on the Rock Fest got the opportunity to view some classic rides at the car show. (Center): Keygan Everett takes his turn on the mechanical bull. (Right): Vivian Everett attempts to stay on the mechanical bull while it spins around. (Bottom): Some decked out golf carts were cruisin’ around the Freedom on the Rock Fest


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