Photo Gallery: Kick off your Sunday shoes at HHHS this weekend for “Footloose the Musical”


LINCOLN CITY – Southwestern Indiana Family Theatre and the Lincoln Boyhood Drama Association are bringing “Footloose the Musical” to the stage at Heritage Hills High School for three showings this weekend. Showings will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets will be available at the door at a cost of $10 for adults and $5 for students.

This band of local theater groups unites a wide collection of local thespians, including students from Heritage Hills and Forest Park as well as some Patriots alumni. This June production of “Footloose the Musical” offers local students a chance to keep honing their acting skills over the summer and keep the local theater scene alive and growing. 

Based on the popular film of the same name, “Footloose the Musical” tells the story of Ren, a Chicago teen who recently moved to a small farming town. While Ren’s amiable nature allows him to make friends, his personality quickly clashes with the severe restrictions put in place by local leaders, including the town preacher and father of his future love interest. A ban on dancing proves to be a flash point for drama that will reshape the lives of everyone in the small town. 

The cast includes:

Derek Fortune as Ren McCormack.

Gwen Tempel as Ethel McCormack.

Adam Redmond as Reverend Shaw Moore.

Taylor Ruxer as Vi Moore.

Katie Moore as Ariel Moore.

Destiny Curtis as Lulu Warnicker.

Noah Stiles as Wes Warnicker.

Noah Ludlow as Coach Roger Dunbar.

Ellie Rappe as Eleanor Dunbar.

Mia Lawalin as Rusty.

Sophia Greenwood as Urleen.

Alicia Fortune as Wendy Jo.

Trenton Hill as Chuck Cranston.

Sawyer Wahl as Lyle.

Drew Miller as Travis.

Jacob Moore as a police officer.

Courtney Somerlott as Betty Blast.

Braylon Caswell as Willard Hewitt.

Kadance Lucas as Principal Harriette Clark.

Sawyer Wahl as Jeter.

Max Etienne as Bickle. 

Gavin Winkler as Garvin.

Seth Thomas as Cowboy Bob.

Townspeople and Students: Gwen Tempel, Aliyah VanWinkle, Austin Hill, Ethan Hill, Claire Cronin and Quinton Tempel.

Photos and writeup by Don Steen