Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – June 19, 2024


Nathan Winkler to Kevin F. and Julie Winkler Laswell. Lot 140, Carol Hills 3rd Sub.

George L. and Gary William Roush to Jaima K. and Daniel Eisenhauer. Pt. NW SW s13, t5s, r6w, 1.29 acres.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation by Covius Mortgage Solutions LLC, attorney in fact, to Chase McGrew. Lot 33, Reo Heights Sub., Rockport.

Tony Seaton to Donald E. Byers II. Pt. SW SW s14, t5s, r6w, one acre.

Nicholas R. and Vera Jean Dilger to Angela L. Ruxer. Pt. NE NE s9, t4s, r4w, 5.064 acres.

Nicholas R. and Vera Jean Dilger to Richard Bradley Dilger. Pt. NE NE s9, t4s, r4w, 5.064 acres.

Jose Gonzalez Leyva to Dante R. Cital. Lot 31 Turnham Heights Sub.

Jessica R. and Michael A. Embry to Landon Elijah Carden and Helena Paige Boyd. Pt. NE SE s27, t7s, r6w, 0.26 acre.

White Stag LLC to Clint Lee and Lynette Ann Metting. Lots 8 and 5, Sandy Acres; Pt. SW SE s31, t6s, r6w.

Marcus L. Allen to Alyson Lane and Sidney D. Meece. 30 acres off south side. SE SE s3, t8s, r7w; E 1/2 s10, t8s, r7w, 28 acres; SW SE s3, t8s, r7w, one acre.

Owen Ninke to Patricia Carbonell Cid. Lot 29, Carol Hills 3rd Sub., Santa Claus.

Garcia Masonry LLC to Timothy D. White. Pt. NW NW s22, t7s, r7w, 0.416 acre, Richland.

Robin R. Schulz to Jose G. Angeles Sandoval. Lot 19, Lincoln Heights Part 1 Sub.

Angela L. Ruxer to Angela L. and Abigail L. Ruxer and Garrett T. Berg. Pt. NE NE s9, t4s, r4w, 5.064 acres.

Thomas J. Sheessele to the Thomas J. Sheessele Trust, Thomas J. Sheessele, trustee. Lot 1 Block 5. Lot 6 Black 5 and Lot 1 Block 4, Town of Pyeattville.

Kenneth J. and Sara J. Van WInkle to Michael Jr. and Lauren R. Crosby. Lots 150, 151, 152 and 153, Polar Shores Add. 9th, Santa Claus.

Charles Michael Jr. and Lauren Rosalee Crosby to Nathan P. Moore. Lot 130 and Pt. Lots 122, 124, 123 and 131B, Polar Shores Add. 9th, Santa Claus.

Mary and Henry Lunenburg to Dale and Jennifer Davidson. Lot 3 and 8 feet off W side Lot 4, Redmon Add., Richland.

Michael D. and Mary K. Hurt to Jose E. Gonzalez Lugo and Patty Joann Gonzalez. Pt/ NE SE s28, t7s, r7w, 4.26 acres, Rockport.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc. to Ashley Crosby. Lot 156. Noel Shores 6th Sub.

Camilla Ayer to Hayley and Allen Brosmer. Lot 24, Holly Shores 5th Sub.

Delores L. Harris to Jillian M. Ransom. Pt. SW NW s13, t6s, r6w, one acre.

The Gregory A. Obert Living Trust and the Rose M. Obert Trust by Gregory A. and Rose M. Obert, trustees, to Klint A. and Mariah D. Luebbehusen. Pt. SE SW s10, t5s, r4w, 7.05 acres.