Fans get a chance to meet the world-famous Heeler sisters in Spencer County


By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

The world-famous Heeler sisters, Bluey and Bingo, paid a visit to Chrisney and Dale libraries Tuesday afternoon on a brief visit from Down Under. The stars of the hit educational cartoon, Bluey, welcomed a large crowd of devoted fans (including parents) at both libraries. The visit was made possible by Feller Express of Evansville, who also regularly host dinosaur encounters throughout the region.

Bluey and Bingo led kids through a long list of games popularized by the show. Magic Xylophone allowed kids to freeze one of the pups in place by playing a note from the instrument, then posing them in awkward positions. There were also several dances based on songs from the show, as well as story time with Ranger Meghan of Feller Express complete with puppets.

Naturally, the show also included energetic games of Kids/No Kids and Keepy Uppy. The former game involves draping a large colored sheet, like a tent or parachute, over the participants, shouting “No Kids!” during periods of concealment and “Kids!” when the veil is lifted. 

Keepy Uppy, meanwhile, challenged the crowd with keeping a large number of balloons airborne. Fans of the show can make the game interesting with just one balloon, emulating the sisters’ father on the show employing a number of tricks to keep the Heeler girls on their toes.

Youth Librarian Shannon Werne said the visit from Bluey and Bingo has been much anticipated among patrons of Lincoln Heritage Public Library. In fact, the library has even received correspondence from a child living on the West Coast asking the characters to visit their local library. She speculated that the writer had visited the area for the Solar Eclipse earlier this year and caught sight of a library schedule, and lamented that they had to go home before Bluey showed up.

Featured Image: Bluey and Bingo kept the kids entertained as they played a big game of Keepy Uppy — Bluey and Bingo’s favorite game to play on their TV show

(Top Row): The visit from Bluey and Bingo was full of dancing, laughter, and fun. (Bottom Left and Center): Bluey and Bingo also played a game of Kids/No Kids with the children who attended the meet-and-greet. (Bottom Right): Ranger Meghan of Feller Express led the kids in storytime with lots of fun puppets