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Ferdinand native Amanda Verkamp starring in award-nominated film

“I CAN” premieres this weekend at Showplace Cinemas in Jasper

By Kathy Tretter ~ Editor – ferdnews@psci.net

It is not every day — or every year or every decade and possibly not even every century — that a church pastor also moonlights as a movie director.

But that is just the case for Tyler Sansom, pastor of First Capital Christian Church in Corydon and director of a faith-based movie with a lot of grit and an equal amount of heart that will premier this weekend at Showplace Cinemas in Jasper, Cinema 66 in Tell City, Corydon Cinemas, Evansville theaters and across the nation from coast to coast.

Not only is the pastor the director, but First Capital Christian Church has its own production company, First Capital Films, which focuses on faith-based movies with an incredible amount of heart.

“I CAN” has already been nominated for a number of cinema awards, include Best Feature nominee from the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival and Most Inspiration Feature, Best Supporting Actress, two Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor nominations from the 2023 Green Mountain Christian Film Festival.

By the way, that Best Supporting Actress nominee is Ferdinand native Amanda Verkamp.

The script, written by church member Evan Mitchum, is based on the true story of Katelyn Pavey, who was diagnosed with Phocomelia syndrome at birth.  This rare birth defect is characterized, in most instances, by severe malformation of the extremities and caused her left arm not to develop all the way, stopping above the elbow with two digits attached.  

Verkamp plays Katelyn’s mother, Salena.

The Paveys, who are from Lanesville, were willing to share their story with the world — and what a story it is! 

The two had an adulterous affair which lead to an unexpected pregnancy. They left their spouses to begin a new life together, but their daughter was born with this birth defect and her dad believed Katelyn’s disability was a punishment from God.  

Meanwhile Katelyn, with only one fully developed arm, defies all odds with an incredible gift for softball. “I CAN” is a story about Katelyn overcoming adversity, and her dad eventually finding genuine forgiveness.

Read the rest of the story in this week’s issue of the Ferdinand News!

Actress and Ferdinand-native Amanda Verkamp stars in the award-nominated film I CAN. Verkamp was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2023 Green Mountain Christian Film Festival.

Verkamp (left) poses with fellow actress Danner Brown. Brown stars as Katelyn Pavey while Verkamp stars as Pavey’s mother, Salena.

Actor Jeff Armstrong (left) poses alongside Verkamp. Armstrong stars as Katelyn Pavey’s father, Eric in the film.

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