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Court News- January 25, 2021

Traffic and Other Citations (New)

Speeding: Stacy L. Ball; Gregory C. Blackburn; Carolyn L. Braun; Joselyn S. Brumfield; Timothy R. Burklow; Maurilia Cano De Los Santos; Joy D. Cox; Autumn N. Elmore; Lisa A. Harmon; Jeffery C. Lindsey; Pamela S. Ludwig; Jeffrey B. Mattson; Alexandrea T. Randolph; Robert J. Raymond, Jr.; Patrick W. Richard; Christopher C. Robinson; Elijah M. Roll; Jasmine L. Schmidt; Alison P. Seyfried; Justin K. Simpson; Shelbie G. Staton; Clifford Lee Stewart; Elizabeth G. Thornton; Bobby G. Vanover; Kyla J. Wilkerson; Christopher J. Worland.

Operating Motor Vehicle With False Plate / Driving While Suspended / Improper or No Turn Signals: Chaney L. Beckort.

Seatbelt Violation: Larry D. Besing.

Operating With Expired Plates / Speeding: Christian S. Crabtree.

Child Restraint System Violation: Katrena D. Cronin.

Operating With Expired Plates: Bethany L. Embry.

Seatbelt Violation / Speeding: Ronaldo M. Gaspar.

Speeding / Driving Left of Center: Kimberly J. Ard; Anthony S. Harrington.

Speeding in a School Zone: Joseph A. Koonrad, III; Hayleigh A. Weigand.

Disregarding Official Traffic Control Device: Grant O. Lashley.

Driving While Suspended: Brianna F. Mallory; Christian G. Paeth.

Owner Allows Dog to Stray Beyond Premises: McDonald L. Sharon.

No Valid Driver’s License: Bruce Allan Smith.

Small Claims (New)

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: John G. Elliott; Brittney N. Kitchell, complaint. 

Civil (New)

American Express National Bank vs Miguel Lara, civil collection.

Citibank, N.A. vs Tara Buntin, civil collection.

Justine Hayden vs Christopher Hayden, domestic relations.

Teresa Marie Ortiz vs Elvin Shamir Ortiz-Romero, domestic relations.

Crystal Schaeffer vs Gale Schaeffer, domestic relations.

In Re: the Guardianship of Louis Tornai, Jr.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. vs Ethan Reid, as personal representative for the Estate of Rodney Reid, and unknown occupants, mortgage foreclosure.

Criminal Misdemeanors (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Taylor D. Price, leaving the scene of an accident.

Michael R. Bizon, possession of marijuana.

Jaylon K. Smallings-Thomas, minor consuming alcohol.

Darius I. Osborne, possession of marijuana.

Hunter G. Rose, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person; possession of marijuana; possession of paraphernalia; operating a vehicle while intoxicated; minor in possession of alcohol.

Deborah L. Hughes, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person; operating a vehicle with an ACE of 0.15 or more; operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Gerald Carman, possession of marijuana.

Probate (New)

In Re: the Estate of Stanley L. Skelton.

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