Good Gravy! puts turkeys through their paces


By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari spent the morning of Monday, April 8 putting some stuffed turkeys (stuffed toys that is) on the Good Gravy! roller coaster for a series of safety tests. Turkeys may be capable of limited flight, but that was not called for in this case. All the turkeys made the 1,500-foot, 37 mile-per-hour journey snug and secure. 

As the name suggests, park guests can find the newest coaster in the Thanksgiving section, in a whole world all its own. The ride aims to be family friendly, accommodating riders of at least 38 inches in height. A playground and dining area is set up for those still too young, along with a number of giant Thanksgiving staples to sell the atmosphere.

Riders will board a giant gravy boat-shaped train and run through an obstacle course of giant kitchen accessories and ingredients.

Ceremonial first rides will take place Friday, May 3. Bidding is now open for the ten coaches of the park’s newest roller coaster. An online auction runs through April 19 for this opportunity. Visit Holiday to learn more or place a bid.

Featured Image: Good Gravy! performed a series of safety tests with all coaches filled with stuffed turkeys as the passengers

The stuffed gobblers glided through the can tunnel of the Good Gravy! coaster

All of the turkeys safely reached the end of the coaster and were ready to do the whole thing in reverse

Located next to the coaster will be a Dippin’ Dots stand for park-goers to enjoy some cold treats on their visit