Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – March 29, 2024


Joseph M. Johnson to Kyle L. and Hannah M. Mabrey. Pt. NE SW s12, t5s, r6w, 0.25 acre, Gentryville.

Lafonda F. Burch to Tyler W. Burch. Lots 27 and 28, Harold Bates Sub.; Pt. NE s19, t7s, r7w.

Matthew E. and Eric M. Little to Adrian F. and Debra S. Blakey. Pt. SE SW s35, t5s, r4w, 4.01 acres.

Sandra J. Ball to James Birk. Lot 30 and 25 feet off the south side of Lot 31, Wedekings Sub., Dale.

St. Patrick Development Group LLC to Ron Smith. Lot 22, Williamsons Add.

Randall L. and Kena L. Bolin to Robert M. and Tricia S. Cleland. Pt. SE NE s23, t6s, r6w.

Brenda J. and Samantha Smith, Samantha Smith as attorney in fact, to Jonathan N. and Jami K. Arndt. Pt. NW NE s33, t5s, r4w, 17.77 acres.

Jackie R. and Kara R. Engelhardt to Kari Coomes. Pt. SE NE s18, t7s, r6w, 2.066 acres; Pt. SE NE s18, t7s, r6w, 1.403 acres, Rockport.

Fernando Leaniz and Juana Ines Ayala to Odessa Properties LLC. Lot 2, Z Place Commons.

Susan J. and Terry L. Crawford, and Charles E. Hoehn to Albert Jr. and Rebecca A. Miller. Lot 68, Evergreen Add. 12th Sub., Santa Claus.

Vernita Rickelman to Lemuel E. Kilburn. E 1/2 NE NE NE s23, t4s, r5w, Mariah Hill.

Margarita Maksimova to Elena and Konstantin Demchuk. Lot 201, Reindeer 7th Sub.

Carol S. Forler to Burroughs Farms Inc. Pt. NE SE s35, t5s, r6w; Pt. SE SE s35, t5s, r6w, 36.364 acres; E 1/2 SE s35, t5s, r6w, 0.012 acre.

Carol S. Forler to Diane Lynn Ginter Living Trust and Mark Earl Ginter Living Trust, Diane Lynn and Mark Earl Ginter, trustees. Pt. NE NE s2, t6s, r6w, 18.396 acres, Chrisney.

Susan and Raymond Fetter to Christine R. Sisk. Pt. NW SW s13, t4s, r5w, 0.30 acre.

Susan and Raymond Fetter to the Susan Fetter Trust and Raymond I. Fetter Trust, Karen M. Fetter, trustee. Pt. NW SW s13, t4s, r5w.