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By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

ST. MEINRAD – The St. Meinrad Archabbey’s gift shop is back to full-time operations, albeit at a new location. The Archabbey has generally maintained at least one gift shop, and sometimes multiple locations serving different needs. The new site on the first floor of Newman Hall is a consolidated shop supplying both educational materials and inspirational keepsakes for visitors.

Saint Meinrad Books & Gifts is a bit more of a walk than the previous location off State Road 545, but easily accessible from the guest house. The shop is located just across from the Newman Dining Room, in the large building just across from the library. While the location is new, guests can still find plenty of wares for both the pious and the practical. 

The shop is naturally a bit busier during the primary Christian holiday seasons of Christmas and Easter, but plenty of visitors have found their way to the new location for other occasions as well. Manager Dee Judd pointed to the recent Eclipse as one example, as the grounds were a prime viewing spot for the spectacle in the sky. 

“We’ve had a huge amount of people,” she said.

Corinna Waggoner, director of retreat programs for the Archabbey, also noted that the Archabbey’s many retreats and other activities often draw a surge of shoppers throughout the year. In addition, the upcoming Pentecost is generally confirmation season for many young Catholics, leading to a high demand for appropriate gifts to mark the occasion. Graduation season looming swiftly on the horizon is certainly a factor as well. 

Many items in the shop are geared toward scholars living at the Archabbey, or visiting clergy from around the world. Waggoner pointed to a section reserved for rare chasubles produced by the prestigious Watts & Co. of London. There are also locally produced options in this category.

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Featured Image: Corrina Waggoner, Director of St. Meinrad Archabbey retreat programs, is seen pictured with Gift Shop Manager Dee Judd

An assortment of crafts and other merchandise available at St. Meinrad Books & Gifts