Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – February 23, 2024


Brent Wening to Gregory, Steven and Philip J. Seng, d/b/a Seng Brothers. S 1/2 fractional s20, t1n, r5w, 16.2 acres.

Shirley Ann Haase to Randall L. and Marcie G. Jacob. Pt. SE NW s32, t1s, r3w, 2.554 acres, Celestine.

Melissa A. Welp to Emma Richelle Welp. Lots 2 and 3, Eckerts Add., Birdseye.

Impulse LLC to Parking Lot LLC. Pt. Lot 101, Jasper OT.

Jeffrey P. and Joan Lynn Wigand to Elizabeth A. Schnarr and Christina K Libbert. Pt. NE SW s9, t1s, r3w, 2.48 acres.

Sara L. Breitwieser Stephens to Brice S. Matthews and Mackenna N. Gromer. Lot 125, Skyline Sub., Jasper.

Patrick F. Moriarty, II to Kansas Porter. Pt. NE NE s13, t1n, r4w, 7.42 acres, Dubois; Pt. NE NE s13, t1n, r4w, 0.62 acre.

A & L Properties LTD Partnership to BKT Properties LLC. Lot 47, Gutzweilers First Add., Jasper.

Tracey Lynn Blendowski to Joseph S. and Brandi Maynard. Lot 66, Hunters Crossing Section 2, Patoka Twp.

Ann Tretter Boeglin, Susan M. Tretter Zimmerman, Theresa Lynn Tretter Jahn, John A. and Heather Lynn Tretter to Matthew L. Boeglin and Jenae M. Gill. Lot 10, Orchard Ridge Add., Huntingburg.

Kelly S. Schwenk to Duff LLC. S 1/2 SW s14, t2s, r6w, 61.54 acres; N 1/2 NW s23, t2s, r6w, 17.85 acres; W 1/2 NW s23, t2s, r6w, 13.27 acres.

Keith A. and Sharon A. Welp to K & S Welp Farms LLC. Pt. NW NW s36, t2s, r4w, 0.23 acre; Pt. NE s35, t2s, r4w, 52.87 acres; Pt. SE NE s35, t2s, r4w, 4.36 acres.

Estate of Frances C. Hopf, by Arlene Fleck, executor, to Arlene Fleck. NW SE s13, t2s, r6w, 34 acres; SW SE s13, t2s, r6w, 37.93 acres; NW SW s13, t2s, r6w, 40 acres; NW NW s24, t2s, r6w, 40 acres; NW NE s24, t2s, r6w, 40 acres; SE NE s24, t2s, r6w, 40 acres.

Anna Mae Metz, deceased, to Theresa Metz. Survivorship affidavit. Pt. Outlot 12, Huntingburg.

Thomas R. and Candelaria J. Jones to Eric P. and Caroline N. Hartman. N 1/2 S 1/2 SE SW s26, t1s, r5w, 0.37 acre, Jasper.

Mark A. and Joseph L. Hochgesang to Hochgesang Farms LLC. Pt. NE NE s7, t2s, r4w, 28.3 acres; Pt. NE SW s7, t2s, r4w; Pt. NW SE s7, t2s, r4w.

Kevin G. and Junabel J. Ruckriegel to Junabel J. Ruckriegel. Lot 15, Silver Springs I, Jasper.

Sandra L. Morton and Mary R. Hardin to Dale Ehringer. Pt. SE NE s23, t1n, r3w, 1/2 acre.

Michael A. Kuntz to Todd W. Borman. Pt. SE NE s26, t3s, r6w, 0.68 acre.

David L. Smith to David L. and Michelle A. Smith. Pt. NE NW s25, t2s, r3w, 2 2/3 acres; Pt. NW NW s25, t2s, r3w, 2 acres.

Cathy Darlene Newton and Linda K. Cook to David L. and Michelle A. Smith. Pt. NE NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.45 acre; Pt. NW NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.48 acre.