Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – March 14, 2023


Anna Lee Fischer to John’s Quality Auto Sales, Lot 23, Blemkers Add.

Jamison Eckert, personal representative for the estate of Jeffrey D. Eckert to Jeremy Wilkins. Lot 11, Kundeck’s second add., Jasper.

David E. and Dianna R. Smith to Jason A. and Natalie King. Lots 11 and Pt. Lot 12, Orchard Ridge Add.

Bryant P Anacker Sr. and Mary M. Beumer, co-executors of th estate of Shirley A. Beumer to Javier Echeverria Dubon and Haley Echeverria. Pt. Lot 2 and Pt. Lot 2, Henry Kammans Add.

John Buchanan to Mark and Melissa Stoppert. Pt. SE SE s15, t1n, r3w, 0.54 acre; Pt. SE SE s15, t1n, 3w,  0.92 acre; W 1/2 of the W 1/2 S23. t1 r3w, 0.32 acre; Pt. SW SW s14, t1n, r3w 1/23 acre.

Ohio River Veneer LLC to John Krempp. Pt. SE NW s23, t1n, r4w, 38.82 acres; Pt. SW NE, s23, t1n, r4w; Pt. NE SW s23, t1n, r4w, 1.23 acre; NE SW s23, t1n, r4w, 38.77 acres.

Clara Marie Kreilein by Steven M. Kreilein, her power of attorney to Carpenter Rentals LLC, Lot 8, Joseph L. Hasenours Fifth Add.

Tim W. Rohleder and Mary Ann Rohleder Revocable Living Trust, Mary Ann Rohleder (trustee) and Tim W. Rohleder to Gage and Katy Beck. Lot 24, Evans Brook Estates II, Jasper.

Survivorship affidavit. Leo A. Wahl, deceased to Edwina D. Wahl. Pt. NW NE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.07 acre; Pt. NW NE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.65 acre.

Jon A. Fleck to Kenneth Michael Bohnert and Pheriba Jane Fell Greene, Pt. NE NW s 31, t1s, r4w, 2.358 acres; Pt. NE NW s 31, t1s, r4w , 2.578 acres; Pt. NE NW s 31, t1s, r4w, 0.744 acre; Pt. NE NW s 31, t1s, r4w, 1.112 acres.

Scherle Tree Farm LLC to Ryan E. Scherle. W 1/2 SE SE s20, t1n, r3w, 6 acres.

Joseph Ellis II to Modern Tech Construction LLC. Pt. SW SE s14, t3s, r6w, 1.06 acres.

Robert J. and Cheryl L. Welp to Amy R. Helming. Pt. SW SW s35, t1s, r4w; S 1/2 Pt. NW SW s35, t1s, r4w.

Eloise Sparrow to State of Indiana. Pt. SW NW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.083 acre.

Olivia M. and Blake C. Robling to Janice D. Wheeler. S 1/2 SE s14, t1n, r3w, 10 acres.

SPM Development, Inc. to Heath F. Robinson. Lot 13, Brentwood Sub.

Dgoghuntingburgin10062021 LLC to Realty Income Properties 29 LLC. RSBR Commercial, Jackson Township.

Rico Suave Irrevocable Trust by Mark M. Wallem, trustee to C323 LLC. Pt. Inlot 49, Huntingburg.

Gary G. Van Winkle to C323 LLC. Pt. Inlot 49, Huntingburg.

Steven and Nancy Clark to Brent and Melody Myers. Pt. SE SE s14, t3s, r6w, 0.09 acre; Pt. SE SE s14, t3s, r6w, 0.42 acre, Holland.

Survivorship affidavit. Blaine D. Martin, deceased to Jeannine C. Martin. Lot 186, Badendorff IV.