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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – November 23, 2021

David W. Burger to David W. and Grace M. Burger. Lot 4, Joseph L. Hasenours Eighth Add.

Shalane K. Miles to Shalane K. Miles and Jason Zehr. Lot 50, Joseph Hasenours Second Add.

Nicholas A. Doty to Nicholas A. and Laurelin Doty. Lot 23, Leo Blessingers Add.

Brian Dorsam to Brian D. Dorsam and Catherine L. Zehr. Pt. NE SE s32, t1n, r4w, Jasper; Pt. NW SW s33, t1n, r4w, 10.038 acres.

Sylvester J. Mundy to Sylvester A. Niehaus, Randall J. Niehaus and Allen Joseph Mundy. Pt. NW SE s30, t2s, r4w, 0.861 acre.

The Estate of Stephen J. Fischer, by Christian J. Fischer (executor), to Merkel Rentals, LLC. Pt. SW SW s2, t3s, r5w, 0.67 acre.

Judith Anne Fischer to Merkel Rentals, LLC. Pt. SW SW s2, t3s, r5w, 0.81 acre.

Matilda M. Sturgeon (life estate) to James Keith Sturgeon, Steven Allen Sturgeon, Albert Michael Sturgeon and Lisa Rena Bolin. N 1/2 Lot 5, Wagners Add.

The Estate of Clifford E. Adams, by Donna S. Celsor (personal representative), to Guadalupe J. Mancia De Serpas and Tomas Ciciliano Tobar. Lot 63, Mill Creek Park.

William L. Eckstein to Barbara Ann Eckstein. Survivorship affidavit. Lots 145, 146 and 147, Skyline Sub.

Barbara A. Eckstein to the Barbara Ann Eckstein Testamentary Trust. Lots 145, 146 and 147, Skyline Sub.

Livia A. Rasche to Carmilla Bradley. Lot 4, McCrillus First Add., Jasper.

Darla Knight to Livia Anne Rasche. Lots 23 and 24, McCrillus First Add., Jasper.

David W. II and Amanda B. Mathias to Jamie L. and David Glen Marcum. Lots 4 and 5, Herman W. Heidorns Add., Huntingburg.

Patrick L. and Barbara L. Meyer to Jeff D. and Laranda L. Ferrero. SW corner of E 1/2 SW s35, t2s, r6w, 4.44 acres; Pt. NE NW s2, t3s, r6w, 0.411 acre.

Stephen W. and Jennifer M. Wilkerson to Jason C. Ahlemeier and Kristen T. Matthews. Pt. NW SW s25, t1s, r5w, 0.16 acre, Jasper; Pt. NW SW s25, t1s, r5w, 1/3 acre.

Wanda J. Cartoga to Jorge A. Soto and Irma E. Guerrero. In-Lots 82 and 83, Huntingburg.

Frederick Keith and Beverly L. Blunk to Timothy and Eva S. Voegerl. Pt. SW SE s24, t2s, r3w, 1.473 acre.

Schnell Farms, Inc. to Davin M. and Mariah S. Spayd. Pt. SE NE s17, t2s, r3w, 2.884 acres.

Schnell Farms, Inc. to Micaela T. Spayd. Pt. SE NE s17, t2s, r3w, 2.691 acres.

James H. and Linda M. Clark to Joe and Phyllis Crow. Lot 61, Lake Helmerich Sub.

Adam D. Weisman to Adam D. Weisman. Pt. NE NW s7, t1s, r5w, 2.000 acres.

Kenya R. Brown to J. D. Vanhoosier. E 1/2 SW s25, t1n, r5w, 1.25 acre, Jasper.

Doug R. and Debra S. Brosmer to Robert Barck, Jr. Pt. NE SE s33, t2s, r4w, 1.96 acre; Pt. NE SE s33, t2s, r4w, 0.09 acre.

Kylie Ann Anderson to Kylie Ann and Beau Anderson. Pt. SE SE s19, t3s, r4w, 0.58 acre; Pt. SE SE s19, t3s, r4w, 0.02 acre.

Anne M. Gootee and the Anne M. Gootee Trust, by Jane M. Nelson (trustee), to the Jane M. Nelson Trust, by Jane M. and Stanley P. Nelson (trustees). Lots 4, 5, 6, 13, 14 and 15, Otto J. Birks Add., Jasper.

Kevin G. and Beth P. Howard to Wayne Gordon. Pt. Lot 49, Maurice De St. Palais Fourth Add.

Marcia R. Knight Knust to Clinton C. and Trisha N. Eichmiller. W 1/2 NW s17, t1s, r3w, 39.000 acres.

Clinton C. and Trisha N. Eichmiller to Marcia R. Knight Knust. W 1/2 NW NW s17, t1s, r3w.

Gilles T. and Nancy K. Eckerle to John W. Eckerle. Lot 83, Red Oak Estates II.

Renee D. Langdon, f/k/a Renee D. Polston, to Renee D. Langdon. Lot 17, Kerstiens First Add., Huntingburg.

Dian Gehlhausen to Edgar Gehlhausen (power of attorney). W 1/2 NE s34, t1n, r4w, 0.75 acre, Dubois.

Anthony R. Hopf to Timothy J. and Trefin K. Luker. N 1/2 Lots 9 and 10, William Heitman Add., Holland.

Young Rental & Realty, LLC to Steven D. Kruger and Connie S. Thewes. Lot 153, Mill Creek Park IV.

G Kemp Enterprises, Inc. to B&J Rental Properties, LLC. Pt. Lot 23, Jasper OT, Jasper.

SPM Development, Inc. d/b/a Reinbrecht Homes to Adam and Jamie Strange. Lot 10, Andrew Klem’s Second Add., St. Anthony.

Melvin Brian and Sherri A. Patton to Doyle Jr. and Marina I. Guy. Pt. Lot 19, Kundeck’s Second Add., Jasper.

Ronald and Linda S. Wolfe to the RLD 179 Trust. N 1/2 of the S 1/2 NE s32, t2s, r4w.

William Douglas and Abby Rose Carter to Jeffrey Kim and Madeline C. Bell. Lot 45 and Pt. Lot 46, Celestine Highland Estates Second Add., Celestine.

Roy C. Sanford and the Roy C. Sanford Testamentary Family Trust, by Helen L. Sanford (trustee), to Helen L. Sanford. NE SW s31, t3s, r5w, 40 acres; E 5/8 of the E 1/2 NW s31, t3s, r5w, 50 acres; N 1/3 of the W 3/8 of E 1/2 NW s31, t3s, r5w, 10 acres.

Mark L. and Jill U. Birk to Oun K. Oh. Lot 18, Bohn-Villa Sub., Jasper; Pt. SW SE s27, t1s, r5w, 0.08 acre; Pt. SW SE s27, t1s, r5w, 0.63 acre.

Maria J. Bonilla Martinez and Ricardo Gonzalez Flores to Maria J. Bonilla Martinez and Fernando Hernandez, Jr. Lot 63, Hunters Crossing Section 2, Huntingburg.

Redbird Development, LLC to Garrett J. Barnett and Kathryn R. Taylor. Lots 43, 44 and 45, Fairview Add., Holland; Pt. SW SW s13, t3s, r6w, 0.0425 acre.

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