Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – October 19, 2023


Clark and Christine Boileau to the Clark and Christine Boileau Joint Revocable Trust, Clark E. and Christine Q. Boileau, trustees. Pt. SW SW NW s8, t3s, r5w, 3.0 acres; N 1/2 W 1/2 SW NW s8, t3s, r5w, 10 acres.

Andrea Peters to Aaron Ray and Andrea Lea Peters. Lots 11 and 12 and Pt. Lots 13 and 14, William Heitmans Add., Cass Twp.

Joshue D. and Amanda N. Kalb to Maria Catherine Jaent and Conner Joseph Braun. Lot 17, Grand View Estates First Add., Jasper.

Joseph Anthony and Caitlyn Ann Wallace to Oliver Martinez Caudillo. Pt. Lot 2 and Pt. Lot 2, Albert B. Knust Add., Huntingburg.

The Estate of Frederick J. Clark, by Greg Clark and Cathy Schott, personal representatives, to Peggy Shaw Vernon. Pt. NE NW s35, t1s, r5w.

Peggy Shaw Vernon to Mila and Maddie Vernon. Pt. NE NW s35, t1s, r5w.

James K. Binkley to the James Binkley Revocable Trust UTA, James K. Binkley, trustee. SW SE s12, t1s, r5w, 30.976 acres; Pt. SE SW s12, t1s, r5w.

James K. Binkley to the James Binkley Revocable Trust. Lot 78, Northwest Suburban Add., Bainbridge Twp.

Maxwell G. Huebner to the Maxwell G. Huebner Revocable Trust. Lot 2, Replat of Gress’ First Add., Madison Twp.; Pt. SW SE s29, t1s, r5w.

Leann D. Burke and Phillip T. Henry to Leann D. and Phillip T. Burke. Lot 8, Burcharts Add., Jasper.

The Life Estates of Donald Lee and Yvonne M. Leistner to Chadwick D. and Jeffrey D. Leistner. E 1/2 SE s33, t1n, r4w, 41 acres; E Side N 1/2 SW s22, t1n, r4w, 20 acres; Pt. NW NW s35, t1n, r4w, 9.04 acres.

Lora F. Altstadt and the Lora F. Altstadt Trust, by Gerald J. Altstadt, trustee, to Gerald J. Altstadt. Pt. Inlot 25, Huntingburg.

Gerald J. Altstadt Life Estate to Gerald J. Altstadt Trust. Pt. Lot 25, Huntingburg.

The Life Estate of Douglas R. and Debra S. Brosmer to Braylin Recker and Bryce Brosmer. NE SW s29, t2s, r4w, 40 acres; Pt. NW SE s29, t2s, r4w, 0.25 acre.

The Life Estate of Douglas R. and Debra S. Brosmer to Kyla Pyko, Jared Henke and Bethany Schwenk. NE NW s24, t2s, r3w; E 1/2 SE NW s24, t2s, r3w; Pt. NW NW s24, t2s, r3w, 0.43 acre.

Brian Henke to Humberto Emilio Palma. Pt. SW NW s28, t1n, r3w, 1.10 acres.

James L. and Royce M. Springer to Tim Self d/b/a Self Texas Partners, LLC. S 1/2 SE SW s15, t1n, r3w, six acres.

Jonathon D. and Emily C. Roberts and Thomas Kleinhelter to Freedom Mortgage Corporation. Pt. Lots 1 and 2, John Mitchell Add., Huntingburg.

Modern Tech Construction, LLC to Ryan D. Sermersheim and Bailey M. Tucker. Lot 40 and Pt. Lot 39, Holland.

Mark A. Dunkel to Arlin Mejia and Leonor Mejia Morlales. Pt. Lots 86 and 87, McCrillus Second Add., Jasper.

Fred A. and Janna L. Messmer to Melanie A. Hughes, Bradley M. Messmer and Ky L. Groover. Pt. Lot 10, Rieders Add., Bainbridge Twp.

Anthony J. Buechler to Anthony J. and Milissa J. Buechler. Lot 11, Timber Creek, Jasper.

Darlene L. Lyon and James R. Riley, by David P. Fritch, power of attorney, to Nicholas Woolsey. Pt. SE NW s36, t1n, r4w; Pt. SE NW s36, t1n, r4w, 2.02 acres.

Derek N. and Beth L. Levitt to Kevin P. Ahern. Lot 29, Lake Helmerich Sub., Huntingburg.

Billie Jo and Martin Timm to Benjamin L. and Jessie Marie Borgmann. Lot 14, Grassland Hills West 2nd Add., Jasper.

Dillion J. and Harlee A. Ramsey to Christopher Garrel and Josseline C. Carr. Pt. NE SE s32, t1n, r4w, 21.624 acres, Jasper.

Susan Neukam to Kyle J. and Stephany J. Neukam a/k/a Stephany J. Rasche. Lot 32, Celestine Highland Estates 2nd Add., Celestine.

Kyle J. Neukam and Stephany J. Rasche to Logan Randall Jacob. Lot 32, Celestine Highland Estates 2nd Add., Celestine.

Daniel E. Arbuckle to Bertilio G. Dubon and Rosa E. Rivera Ramirez. Lot 31, Blemkers Add., Huntingburg.

The Life Estate of Rosemary E. Bottorff, a/k/a Rosemary E. Eckert, to Paul Edward Eckert, Alison K. Treat and Emily Rose Holt. Pt. NE NE s2, t2s, r5w, 0.28 acre.

Darrell Lee Merkley to Todd and Jennifer Andry. E 1/2 SE s36, t2s, r3w, 4.58 acres.

Lambertson and Colin, LLC to Maloney Realty, LLC. Pt. SE SW s36, t1s, r5w; Pt. NE NW s1, t2s, r5w, Jasper.

Meliescha A. Bullock to Carpenter Rentals, LLC. Lot 5, R. J. Hochgesang Add., Jasper.

Jeremiah D. and Erin K. Smith to Meliescha A. Bullock and Garrett Underhill. W 1/2 SE s31, t1s, r5w, 2.0 acres, Jasper.

Joshua and Kendra Brelage Ryan to Dana D. Wood. Pt. Lot 32, Rieders Add., Jasper.

Marlin R. and Linda K. Gray to Soft Solutions, LLC. Pt. SW NW s3, t3s, r5w, 6.0 acres; Pt. SE NW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.23 acre; Pt. SE NW s3, t3s, r5w, 2.39 acres.

Celcelia R. West to Cecelia and James West. Lot 6, R. J. Hochgesang Add., Jasper.

Joey M. Birkle to William G. Birkle. Pt. Lots 9 and 10, Corns South and West Add., Jasper.

Carpenter Rentals, LLC to Josh and Kendra Ryan. N 1/2 Lot 30, College View Estates; S 1/2 Lot 31, College View Estates, Jasper.