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Monday, May 17, 2021

Elective Surgies are given the go to begin again

Yesterday, Governor Holcomb renewed Indiana’s order for Hoosiers to stay hunkered down, butwe’ve got some good news to report as we look down the road of re-opening Indiana’s economy. 

The first stage starts tomorrow, as hospitals will be cleared that they should conduct medically necessary procedures, such as those determining cancer diagnosis and cardiac issues, respiratory procedures, and procedures to reduce significant pain. 

Then – if our supply inventory continues to hold up – Indiana will open up more elective procedures next week. 
What’s allowing us to make this progress? Governor Holcomb said it’s two things:

First, it’s you. You’re practicing social distancing, and that’s helped flatten the curve. 
And it’s our state’s world-class healthcare networks, which have collaborated to provide the resources we need to fight this pandemic.
The work you’re doing is making a difference, and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. 
It’s the work of our state’s 16,705 licensed physicians. It’s our 152,000 licensed nurses. And it’s every single Hoosier who has stayed home and practiced safe social distancing that has helped get us to this point of looking at the first stages of reopening Indiana’s economy.
-Your Holcomb Crew

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