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Real Estate Transfers – July 27, 2020

Ronald H. and Susan I. Beier to Brent R. Beier, NW NE s34, t45, r4w, St. Meinrad, 40 acres.

Susan I Beier to Brent R. Beier, NW NW s4, t4, r4, 34.184 acres; SW NW s4, t4, r4, 34.184 acres.

Ronald H. and Susan I. Beier to Craig A. Beier, SE NW NE s34, t45, r4w, 2.4437 acres.

Grandview Aluminum Products Inc. to Allen M. Perdue, NW SE s25, t6, r5, 13.03 acres.

Edward L. and Victoria L. Carter to Logan Schaefer, SW NW s10, t4, r4, 1.23 acre.

Kerstiens Homes and Designs, Inc. to Mark and Diana Balough, Carol Hills, 3rd Sub. Lot 130, Santa Claus.

Zachary Rice to Jeremy M. Jacob and Jillian M. Ransom, SW NE s3, t65, r4w, 3.0 acres.

Perry Central Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. to Curtis S. and Karyn B. Rafferty, SE NE s15, t4w, r4w, 1.143 acres, St. Meinrad.

Belinda Joan Oost to Now Counseling Services LLC, Pt. Inlot 13, William R. Hynes Donation, Rockport.

Stephen W. Pershing to Toqeer Awan, Lot 96, Evergreen 10th.

Steven V. and Melanie Johnson to Camilla Ayer, Pt. Lot 313 0.114 acres, Holly Shores 11th Add., Santa Claus.

Michael G. Rickenbaugh, Jr. to Paul D. and Cinderlita M. Carter, Lot 14, Lincoln Heights Sub., Dale.

Patricia Berg to Kevin Aaron and Laura J. Hazelwood, NW NE s3, t5s, r4w, Fulda Shortcut Road, Evanston.

I-64 Realty to Iglesia Cristiana Rios De Agua Viva Organization Inc., SE SW s8, t4, r5, 2.745 acres.

William J. and Jacqueline L. Bunner to Sandra A. Dilger, 527 S Winter Lane, Lot 203, Polar Shores 9th Add., Santa Claus.

Kurt A. Arnold to Owen Ninke, Lot 29, Carol Hills 3rd Sub.

Kristin Jane Mulzer to Ronald L. Smith, Lots 56 and 57, Santa Fairway 8th Sub.

Nicholas R. and George R. Dilger d/b/a Dilger Brothers to Nicholas R. and Vera Jean Dilger, NE NE SE, s9, t4, r4, 119 acres; NW NW s10, t4, r4, right-of-way; SW s3, t45s, r4w, 8 acres.

Edward J. and Sherry Gogel to Kody Joseph Gogel, SE NE s15, t4, r5, part of 5.00 acre tract; NE SE s15, t4, r5, part of 5.00 acre tract; NE SE s15, t4, r5, pt. 1.51 acres.

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