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Real Estate Transfers – November 29, 2019

Paul L. Jochim, Michael W. Jochim, Elaine A. Burress, Joyce M. Phillips, and Janet R. Daniels to Paul L. and Paula J. Jochim. SE NW NW s24, t4s, r5w, 0.71 acre; SW NW NW s24, t4s, r4w, 0.71 acre, Dale.

David W. and Barbara K. King and Stephanie A. King Schipp to Nathan and Stephanie Schipp. SW SW s9, t6s, r4w, 10.00 acres, Evanston.

David W. and Barbara K. King and Stephanie A. King Schipp to David W. and Barbara K. King. SW SW s9, t6s, r4w, 16.25 acres.

William K. and Brenda Marie Wathen to Nicholas Craig Scales. Pt. s5, t8s, r7w, 0.14 acre.

Dante and Ann Grasso to Denis M. and Jill A. Williams. NW NW s20, t5s, r5w, 6.954 acres; SW NW s20, t5s, r5w.

Ellen Sue McCreary to Donald F. and Krista F. Clark. Pt. Lots 22 and 26, Gentrys Add.

Donald R. and Krista F. Clark to Heather Renee Schroeder. Pt. Lot 26, Gentrys Add., Rockport.

Eric A. and Tanna M. Small to Vicki L. and Michael G. Jones. NW NW s2, t7s, r7w, 0.312 acre, Richland.

Ronnie Ball to Lori E. Bickel. Lot 20, L.G. Smith Add., Rockport.

Bret A. Nowak and Brandie D. Woodward Nowak to Lisa L. Jackson. Pt. s26, t7s, r6w; s26, t7s, r6w, 0.01 acre, Rockport.

Ferdinand C. and Bertha K. Kleeman to Ryan Joseph McManaway. Lot 143, March Holiday Village Sub.

Swade A. Oser to Brent N. Goffinet, Jr. and Megan E. Hall. NW SE s10, t5s, r5w, 5.00 acres; SW SE s10, t5s, r5w, 5.00 acres, Lamar.

Daniel L. and Joni Graham to Ernest S. and Shari L. Hutcheson. SW s32, t7s, r7w, 9.95 acres, Rockport. 

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