Real reindeer pay a visit to Santa Claus


By Don Steen

Staff Writer •

SANTA CLAUS – A couple reindeer came down from up north (specifically Whitetail Acres in Brookville) to visit with kids in the town of Santa Claus the weekend after Thanksgiving. The visiting reindeer were set up outside Santa’s Toys, marking the seventh such reindeer visitation to the venue. 

Five-year-old Cindy Lou Who was joined by Gabriel, who was born on Good Friday this year. Despite the age disparity, both were about the same size, giving a good example of what Santa’s flyers would look like in the night sky.

Their impressive antlers were of particular interest, with several kids trying to count the “points” like one would a native deer. This proved difficult, as reindeer sport some of the largest and heaviest antlers of all living deer species, relative to their size. A male’s antlers can grow to more than 50 inches long, and a female’s as much as 20 or more. These antlers are shed annually, and grow back bigger every time.


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