Spencer County Court News – December 6, 2023


Traffic and Other Citations (New)

Speeding: Precious C. Burdette; Pascual A. Andres Pascual; Maria A, Briddell; Austin M. Brown; Monica Feltner; Brandy F. Foster; Justin Aaron Carter; Cynthia L. Cooke; Peter Chjioke Ezema; C.A. Dellabella; Joely A. Fisher; Christopher C. Gaynor; Michael W. Copeland; Allen Cobb; Preston J. Haywood; Cree G. Heggen; Clay A. Johnson; Ethan E. Gravely; Steven M. Hulfachor; Cecily K. King; Kaylee R. Gilmore; Latosha R. Hudson; Deann M. Heeren; Alexandra S. Hoosier; Patrick R. Morris; Megan M. Mayo; Joshua P. Leslie; Elijah J. King; Benjamin D. McCoy; Hayden P. Murphy; Donald G. Madden; Michael L. Miller; Maranda D. Shoptaugh; Maggie J. Robbins; Kenji Serizawa; Eskerlo C. Brooks; Dawn F. Ouchi; Andrew J. Persinger; Ronnie A. Stoll; Larkan D. Thompson; John C. Thorpe, Jr.; Kelvin J. Simmons; Clint B. Ruxer; Ernesto F. Rivera; Ross M. Waller; Skyler F. Westerfield; Chase A. Williams.

Driving while Suspended: Mariah H. Ash; Michael A. Miller; Byron W. Owen; Jimmie M. Neal, Jr.; Bridgette E. Young.

Driving while Suspended/Speeding: Ayeba Asukulu; Rebecca L. Hampton; Atoka C. Toregano. 

Operating with Expired Plates/Speeding: Robin E. Bowen.

Operating with Expired Plates: Thomas K. Dooley; Bryant A. Underwood. 

Disregarding Official Traffic Control Device: Corydon H. Gieselman; Austin R. Oser.

Improper or No Tail or Plate Light: Larry E. Miller.

No Driver’s License: Vohaunce L. Murphy.

Small Claims (New)

Professional & Business Collections, LLC vs the following: Chancelor Menesmith; Ivy Blair.

Civil (New)

LVNV Funding vs Gregg Cable, civil collection.

Fifth Third Bank, National Association vs Suzanne M. Crickmer, morrtgage foreclosure.

Criminal Misdemeanors (new)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Clint B. Ruxer, operating with an ACE of .15 or more, operating while intoxicated.

Matthew S. Brown, possession of marijuana.

Jaydn A. Sutherland, possession of marijuana.

Criminal (new)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Donald R. Hutchison, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon; criminal trespass.

Jeffrey W. Harrison, possession of methamphetamine; possession of a narcotic drug.

William T. Fulks, intimidation (three counts); domestic battery with a prior conviction; domestic battery; driving while suspended with a prior conviction.


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