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Spencer County Court News – February 22, 2021

Traffic and Other Citations (New)

Unsafe Lane Movement: Cheryl L. Barnett.

Speeding: Mikayla H. Benson; Zachary W. Blake; Jerome S. Blandford; Kenneth A. Coultas; Damon G. Deaton; Forrest C. Hamilton; Serena D. Haming; Jeremy T. Hardin; Chelsea M. Hayden; Christopher J. Houchin; Don W. Hughes, Jr.; Larissa M. Hurm; Lashea Hutchings; Clayton A. Lanham; Billy J. Lindsey; Cascie J. Matthews; Savannah D. Maxberry; Ginger Mayfield; Shawn A. McElwain; Joseph A. Meyer; James D. Richey; Blake A. Rigdon; Joshua P. Roberts; Nathanael B. Roberts; Dennis A. Schraeder, Jr.; Lori A. Smith; Rami H. Sulaiman; Daniel P. Vanwey; Jacob A. White; Griffin M. Williams; Grace E. Yeager.

Operating Motor Vehicle With Fictitious Plate: Sarah F. Blair.

Driving While Suspended: Dustin C. Breckel; David Seibert.

No Valid Driver’s License: Melanie Brisby; Lonnie E. Miller.

Unlawful Possession of Tobacco, e-Liquid or Electronic Cigarette: Caleb M. Dilger; Shilo Ebelhar Englert.

Improper or No Tail or Plate Light / Registration and Display of Registration / Operating Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility / Disregarding Stop Sign / Driving Left of Center / Failure to Signal for Turn or Lane Change / Speeding: Tyler Austin Eckert.

Speeding in a School Zone: Eric Phillips.

Disregarding Stop Sign: Richard A. Galloway; James D. Richey.

Failure to Yield Right-of-Way: Robin A. Schwarz.

Speeding /  Operating With Expired Plates: Francis M. Stowe.

Operating With Expired Plates: Darin D. Thomas.

Driving Left of Center: Debra A. Voges.

Speeding / Improper Passing on the Left: Allison D. Watson.

Operating Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility: Michael Windstead.

Civil (New)

The Brooke Jewelry Shoppes, LLC vs Leisa Coffey, civil collection.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs the following: Teia Swiger; Meggan Ficker, civil collection.

Hanna Shaw vs Robert Shaw, Jr., domestic relations.

Mary J. Kirkpatrick vs Mark A. Kirkpatrick, domestic relations.

Criminal Misdemeanors (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Ryan S. Harrison, resisting law enforcement.

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