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Monday, April 19, 2021

Spencer County Prosecutor’s Office receives $57,923.28 VOCA grant

The Spencer County Prosecutor’s Office recently received a Victims of Crime Act Formula Award (VOCA) from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The award, in the amount of $57,923.28, will pay all costs associated with the county’s Victim’s Advocate and associated costs of the Victim’s Advocate Program.

Spencer County’s Victim’s Advocate is Elizabeth Winkler. “She has only been with us a short time, but she is an extremely hard-charging professional who has quickly proven herself more than willing to go the extra mile to assist and advocate for victims,” said Victor J. Ippoliti, Spencer County Prosecutor. “I also want to thank and point out all the fine work done by Chief Deputy Prosecutor Megan Bennet who prepared the VOCA Grant application. Once again, she has acted in the best interests of the residents of Spencer County.

“I am very proud of Megan and all the members of the Spencer County Prosecutor’s Team,” Ippoliti continued. “They have earned my thanks and trust for the jobs they do on a daily basis to keep Spencer County safe and the great place it is to live.”

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