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Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – August 1, 2022

Delbert B. and Marcia Pierce to Gavin M. Daunhauer. Pt. NE SE s15, t4s, r5w, 5.18 acres.

Debra K. Dawson Latham and Dale K. Dawson to Mary Ward, Bryan Ward and Tyler Ward. Lot 285, January 1st Sub.

Tom Shelton to James Allen and Susan M. Wagner. Lot 112, Holiday Village First Sub. January Section. 

Tom Shelton, Troy Tornatta and Tomelle Tornatta (jointly, with rights of survivorship) to Joseph C. and Breanna D. Smith Lot 199, January Holiday Village Sub.

Dennis W. and Judith A. Sims to Judith A. Sims. S 1/2 NW NW s6, t6s, r4w, 20 acres; NE NE s6, t6s, r4w, S 1/2, 20 acres.

John L. Varner and Geraldine J. Varner (deceased) to John L. Varner, Jeffrey A. Varner, Beth M. Schue and Mark C. Satkamp. Transfer on death deed. Lot 4, Town of Grandview. 

Longstreet Development Group, LLC to Bullseye Construction, LLC. Lot 42, Lake Realty Co. Add., Richland City. 

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