Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – February 16, 2024


Joseph A. and Amy S. Schiff to Kenneth and Caitlyn Mathew. Lot 24, Pleasant Grove Sub., Phase 1, Rockport.

Jon G. Burdin to Ariel F. Ramsey. Lot 33, William R. Hynes Don., Rockport.

Spencer County Visitors Bureau, Inc. to Koch Development Corp. Pt. SW NW s31, t4s, r4w, 4.207 acres.

Dylan S. Hempling by Donald Hempfling, attorney in fact, to Noah Miller. Pt. NW NE s2, t6s, r4w, 5.04 acres, Evanston.

Frank F. and Donna F. Ingram to James W. and Melissa A. Arnold. Outlot 86, Wrights & Griffins Don.

Edward and Mary R. Riney to James M. Boyd, Sr. S 1/2 s13, t8s, r7w, 108.81 acres.

Andrew J. Gogel, by Kimberly T. Sibrel, attorney in fact, to Andrew J. Gogel, to transfer on death to Kimberly T. Sibrel, an undivided 1/3 interest; Kirstie W. Gunselman, an undivided 1/6 interest; Matthew Gunselman, an undivided 1/6 interest; and Mark W. Sibrel, an undivided 1/3 interest in the described real estate. SE Corner SE s11, t4s, r5w.

Carol S. Forler to Randall Lee, Kimberly J., Brittany and Aaron S. Forler, Jeodo Estes and Ashley Heiney. Pt. SE SE s35, t5s, r6w, 7.716 acres; Pt. NE NE s2, t6s, r6w, 0.034 acre.

Carl G. Bittel to Mary A. Culpepper. Pt. NE SE s27, t7s, r6w.

Kevin E. and Vicki J. Lindsey to Dennis and Delores McCauley. Lot 8, Santa Fairway 8th Sub., Santa Claus.

Tonya L. Coomer to Tricia A. Payne. Pt. SW s36, t6s, r5w, 104 acres.

Eddy L. and Janet L. Shelton to Emily Fuchs. Lot 40, Holly Shores 11th Add., Santa Claus.

Bruce A. and Marilyn L. Satkamp to John Matthew McWilliams and Angela Ingram. Pt. NW SE s14, t4s, r5w, one acre, Dale.

Derika L. Lynam Spaetti, Jonathan W., Dorothy J. and William J. Spaetti to Jamie Bosecker and Justin Naylor. Pt. SE s19, t7s, r6w, 2.16 acres.