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Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – October 3, 2022

Pamela C., Brian L. and Brian J. Harlen to Brian J. and Jessica M. Harlen. N 1/2 Lots 9 and 10 and S 1/2 Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, Hackleman Add., Chrisney; Pt. SW NW s12, t6s, r6w, 0.23 acre.

Cynthia Pagan to Tracy Rene Haase and William Fredrick Schmidt, Jr. Lots 54 and 55 (except W 1/2 which adjoins Lot 56), Noel Shores 6th Sub., Santa Claus.

Sheila L. Dunbar and Sherry L. Winchester to Richard and Jane Wilhelmus. NE SW s2, t6s, r6w, 10 acres; NW SE s2, t6s, r6w, Chrisney.

Heidi Greulich to Wyatt H. Parker. Lot 12, Westgate Phase A, Rockport.

Greg A. Simpson to Brian Zumbuhl. NE NW s32, t6s, r7w, 1.80 acre, Richland.

Joel M. and Kristi A. Campbell to Joshua Neil and Brooke Arnold. Lot 79, Polar Shores Add. 9th, Santa Claus.

The Estate of Betty L. Roos, by Michael E. Roos (personal representative), to Indiana Postal Realty Holdings, LLC. Lot 33, Town of Richland.

Huntington National Bank to Katherine Byrd. Pt. NE NE s5, t8s, r6w, 1.29 acre, Rockport.

Doug Hendrickson to Isiah Keith Patmore Walden and Vanesa Kay Auffart. N 1/2 NW s20, t4s, r5w, 1.17 acre, Dale.

Daniel L. Fulkerson to Lora Duncan. Pt. N 1/2 OL 89, Wrights & Griffins Don., Rockport; SE s22, t7s, r6w.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Maria Myers. Lot 5, Holly Shores 11th Add.

Zachery P. Fugleberg to Richard and Maicie Alvey. Lots 230 and 231, Noel Shores 6th Sub.

Stanley F. Neighbors, Randall L. Neighbors, Teresa A. Sauter, Pamela Sunday and the Estate of Patricia M. Stutsman, by Teresa Ann Sauter (personal representative), to Michael D. II and Jamie M. Toler. Lot 32, Holly Shores 5th Sub.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Shelley Bicu. Lot 3, Holly Shores 11th Add.

Dale Properties, LLC to Jeffrey W. Dike. Pt. NW NE s20, t4s, r5w; Pt. NE NW s20, t4s, r5w, 12.513 acres.

Sage and Alyssa Gervais to Jessica Boeckman. Lot 165, January Holiday Village Sub.

Joseph J. and Melanie Kern to Abigail Kern and Jacob Berg. Pt. NE NE s14, t4s, r5w, 5.662 acres.

Jenna Fuller, a/k/a Jenna Fender, to Karen Thompson. Pt. NE s4, t8s, r7w, 1.41 acre, Rockport.

Samuel S. Huggler, by Emily A. Huggler (attorney-in-fact) to J. Dylan Seaton. W 1/2 SW s18, t7s, r7w, 5.810 acres.

Lois Jane Sparks to Donald W. and Rachel S. Huebschman. Lot 64, January Holiday Village Sub.

Michael D. and Karen S. Waninger to Christopher D. and Sarah Marie Waninger. Pt. SE SW s1, t6s, r6w, 7.0 acres.

Kelby J. and Mackenzie B. Pepmeier to Kyle Fuchs. Lot 138, Holly Shores 5th Sub., Santa Claus.

Lois Jane Sparks to Donald W. and Rachel S. Huebschman. Lot 64, January Holiday Village Sub.

Margaret Graves to Christopher Graves and Rapture Jones. SW NW SW s17, t4s, r5w, 0.445 acre.

Logan T. Brock to Logan T. and Shelby Lee Brock. Pt. NE s8, t8s, r6w, Rockport.

Kenny R. and Jeanne K. Fortune to Clayton Maxwell Scott and Pui See Lam. s20, t7s, r7w, 0.33 acre, Richland.

Bobby Dale and Patricia Ann Putnam to Melody S. and Brent Myers. Pt. SE NE s2, t5s, r6w, 0.305 acre; Pt. SW NW s1, t5s, r6w, 0.695 acre.

Koaltin Dye to James and Sarabeth Wibberley. E 1/2 NE s11, t5s, r6w, 6.96 acres, Gentryville.

Garry Weaver to Jeremy S. Bartlett. Lot 5, Sleepy Hollow Sub., Rockport.

Donna M. Hess to Jeffery M. Bailey. NE NE s15, t6s, r5w, 2.00 acres, Grandview.

Charles A. Kellems to Sara J. Kellems. Pt. SE SW s2, t7s, r7w, 1.4 acre; Pt. SE SW s2, t7s, r7w, 1.36 acre, Richland.

John Charles Zorn to Yashua D. Baker. Lot 20, Carol Hills 3rd Sub.

Robert A. and Diane G. Suhrheinrich o Ward W. Hessig. Lot 230, January 1st Sub.

The Boeglin Joint Trust Agreement UTD, by Deborah L. Boeglin (trustee), to Jeffrey C. and Jessica A. Heathman. Lot 42, Reindeer 7th Sub.

Jeremiah Leroy to John White. Pt. Lot 3, William R. Hynes Don.

Cynthia K. and Victor A. Bull, Constance S. and Othmar N. Wagner, Jr., and Christina A. and Charles M. Lee to CCF Rentals, LLC. Pt. NW NW s1, t5s, r5w, 0.522 acre.

Richard L. and Paula Demuth to Richard L. and Paula Demuth. Pt. SW s7, t4s, r4w, 34.15 acres; s7, t4s, r4w; E 1/2 NW s7, t4s, r4w; s7, t4s, r4w; E 1/2 NW s7, t4s, r4w, 24.99 acres.

Jasper R. and Judy E. Eaton to Tyler M. Dugas, Taylor M. Perez and Patricia R. Dugas. Lot 81, January Holiday Village Sub.

Joe A. and Andrea M. Vance to Leibering Family Properties, LLC. N 1/2 NE s20, t5s, r4w, 8.57 acres.

Longstreet Development Group, LLC to Ron Smith. Lot 98, John Carter 2nd Add., Richland.

Wendy H. Gough to Ricky A. Jr. and Carrie M. Bowman. Lot 189, January Holiday Village Sub.

Michael L. Flannagan and Janice K. Flannagan (deceased) to Wanda and Robert L. Luebbehusen. Pt. SE SE s27, t4s, r5w, 0.315 acre; Pt. SE SE s27, t4s, r5w, 0.256 acre.

Gary T. Hinton to Elijah J. and Brittany D. Fisher. NW s5, t8s, r6w, 1.299 acre; Pt. NW NW s5, t8s, r6w, 2.109 acres, Rockport.

Andrew J. Ludwig to Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. Lot 184, Holly Shores 11th Add., Santa Claus.

William Lee Dedrick to Robin N. Roos. Lots 1, 2 and 3 and Pt. Lot 4, George O Tilley’s Add.

Mark R. and Darla J. Hagedorn to Daniel J. and Lee Ann C. Tempel. Pt. NW NE s3, t5s, r4w, 2.22 acres, St. Meinrad.

Robert L. and Wanda Luebbehusen to Michael L. Flannagan. Pt. SE SE s27, t4s, r5w, 0.711 acre.

Zach and Jillian Blanchard to Gabriela A. Morrison Blanchard. E 1/2 of the W 1/2 NE s27, t7s, r7w, 1.500 acre, Rockport.

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