Telling Tales in the Town of Dale


By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

The Dale branch of the Lincoln Heritage Public Library hosted famous storyteller Mary Jo Huff Tuesday morning, March 5, along with a full crowd of kids who braved the weather to share in her stories. Huff, of Newburgh, has been a keynote speaker at events across the country and world. She is also a published author with several books to her name, each focusing on different aspects of storytelling as a performing art. 

Huff often meets with fellow professionals seeking to hone their ability to carry a crowd and make presentations lively. However, her forte lies in getting and keeping kids’ attention, and helping adults in the audience cotton on to the tools of the trade.

Her performance at the library last week included several nifty tricks, including a magic book that starts out blank, but gradually picks up detail after a quick flip through the pages (and a little help from the kids in the audience projecting their thoughts onto the page). Huff also brought out a few of her puppet partners, including a hand puppet with an eclectic hairstyle that tells the story of a new kid in school getting one over on her bullies. There was also plenty of music and dancing to keep the kids active throughout the morning. 

Huff is available to share her knowledge, or offer performances, and also offers a wealth of resources to help share her skills. Visit to learn more about upcoming events, to schedule an event, or for more information. 

Featured Image: Storyteller Mary Jo Huff reads from “The Magic Book” as children listen along

Gettin’ their groove on: Mary Jo Huff leads the group of children who attended the storytime in some fun dances

Mary Jo Huff provided quality entertainment and enriching moments during her storytime Tuesday morning at Lincoln Heritage Public Library