Young library patrons have a blast with Bluey and Bingo


By Don Steen ~ Staff Writer •

Bluey and Bingo of the hit television series, Bluey, drew a big crowd to the Rockport Library last Tuesday. Even with the event divided into two events that afternoon and evening, both time slots quickly filled up with reservations as fans and parents filed in to enjoy a watch party of some favorite episodes and partake in some of the series’ imaginative games.

The Australian show centers on the titular Bluey, a young Heeler dog, as well as her younger sister, Bingo, and parents Bandit and Chilli. Bluey is noted for its focus on children’s ability to figure out games on their own, and emphasizing the importance of letting them explore their imaginations. Parents, grandparents and other guardians of the show’s committed fans may sympathize with adults in the show, who set a high standard for patience for the kids’ antics and maintain a good sense of humor throughout.

Feller Express of Evansville, also known for the dinosaur encounters, brought a life-sized Bluey and Bingo to the library’s youth section to participate in a few activities. These include the “Magic Xylophone”, where kids could freeze the characters and pose them however they wished. There were also plenty of dances to be had. The most frenetic activity of the evening was “Keepy Uppy”, the tried-and-true game of keeping a balloon airborne for as long as possible, albeit with a lot more kids and a lot more balloons than usual.

Featured Image: A big crowd of kids were getting their groove on as they danced along with Bluey and Bingo at the Rockport Library last Tuesday.

Celebrity appearance: Much to the enjoyment of children who attended, Bluey and Bingo paid a visit to the Rockport Library to play some games and have a fun time!

One girl held onto Bluey’s hand as they danced along to the music.

Seen here are a bunch of kids having a blast as they play a parachute game along with Bluey, Bingo, and other library staff and chaperones who helped out.

Fancy a game?: Bluey and Bingo led the kids in a big game of Keepy Uppy, a popular game the two characters play in their popular TV show.

After the festivities died down, children gathered for a watch party to watch their favorite characters on TV.