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CenterPoint Energy assessing damage following severe storms

In response to the severe weather’s impact on its electric system in southwestern Indiana, CenterPoint Energy has issued the following update:

Monday evening’s storms with high winds and lightning have caused widespread damage to the system throughout CenterPoint Energy’s service area.

As of 10:30 p.m., there are approximately 329 outages with more than 25,000 total estimated electric customers without power. The number of outages could continue to climb as additional storms, potentially even more severe, travel through the service territory late tonight and into tomorrow morning. 

CenterPoint Energy crews are working to troubleshoot outages and assess damaged equipment and downed wires. However, we expect restoration efforts will be slow-going as crews work throughout the night with the threat of continued storm activity. 

“We are committed to restoring service to our customers as safely and quickly as possible. We ask for patience as some areas received heavy damage to trees and equipment, which make it difficult for our crews to access the area and make repairs,” said Richard Leger, Senior Vice President, Indiana Electric.

Leger added, “Keeping our crews’ and public safety in mind, improved weather conditions and daylight will be necessary to continue to assess damages and begin repairs. Due to the extent of damage, many customers should plan for extended outages.”

The restoration process begins with facilities vital to safety, health and welfare, such as hospitals, water treatment plants and public service facilities. After key facilities, the company follows its priority restoration process by making repairs to electrical facilities that will return power to the largest number of customers first, then continue the restoration process by prioritizing repairs to benefit the greatest number of customers until power is returned to everyone.

CenterPoint Energy reminds all customers:

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Be especially mindful of downed lines that could be hidden and treat all downed lines as if they are energized.   
  • Be cautious around work crews and give them distance to assess damages and make repairs.
  • Don’t open freezers and refrigerators any more than absolutely necessary. Opening these appliances will allow food to thaw more quickly.
  • Consider checking with others who may benefit from your assistance.
  • Report any downed lines or damage to 800-227-1376.

For latest information on power outages:

  • Report outages by texting the word “OUT” to 83212

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