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Dubois County Court News- May 20, 2020


Speeding: Jeffrey Sweden; Zackary C. Vaughn, $141.

Failure to Yield Left Turn: Kayla A. Estrada, $141.

Driving While Suspended: Jennifer N. Green, $141.

New Suits

Lengacher Development, LLC vs Anna Barber, civil collection.

Patricia Eckert vs Nicholas Eckert, domestic relations.

Gina Covert vs William Covert, domestic relations.

Donald Noe vs Christine Noe, domestic relations.

Christopher Frich vs Laura A. Frich, domestic relations.

Circuit Civil

Mariner Finance, LLC, successor in interest to Personal Finance Company, vs Diana and Suede D. Weisheit, judgment for plaintiff, $4,650.96 plus interest and costs.

Michelle Evelyn Brown vs Cory Michael Brown, marriage dissolved.

Milagro Cortez Funes vs Erick Mauricio Bonilla Rivera, marriage dissolved.Emily Ortiz vs Erick Ortiz, dismissed.

Jaime Lorenzo Diaz vs Maria Enacarnacion Flores, marriage dissolved.

Circuit Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Cole A. Orebaugh, pled guilty to trafficking with an inmate, class A misdemeanor; sentenced to 180 days in Dubois County Security Center (DCSC), with 88 days good time credit, pay fines and costs.

Superior Civil

Midland Credit Management, Inc. vs the following: Barbara A. Burger a/k/a Barbara A. Lawson, dismissed without prejudice; Margaret Mendez a/k/a Margaret E. Bruce, dismissed without prejudice.

PHH Mortgage Corporation vs Veronica Dubon a/k/a Veronica G. Serrano, dismissed without prejudice.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC vs Alan E. Seals, dismissed.

Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC vs Diana L. Dotts, judgment for plaintiff, $1,338.63.

CitiBank, N.A. vs Gerry Wessel, agreed judgment for plaintiff, $2,900.

Allison Wagner vs Brian Wagner, marriage dissolved.

Superior Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Mitchell A. Carter, dismissed with prejudice.

Nathan R. Schmitt, dismissed.

Logan H. Schmitt, pled guilty to possession of paraphernalia (count 1), class A misdemeanor, and possession of marijuana (count 2), class B misdemeanor; sentenced to one year in DCSC in count 1 and 180 days in count 2, to run concurrently, all suspended to one year supervised probation, contact court alcohol and drug program director and comply with all treatment recommendations, 100 hours community service, shall not possess or consume alcohol or controlled substances, submit to and pass random alcohol/drug screens, pay fines and costs.

Zola P. Brown, pled guilty to theft, level 6 felony; sentenced to 424 days in DCSC, with credit for two days served, remaining time suspended to 420 days supervised probation to be transferred to Lawrence County, 80 hours community service, shall not trespass at Jasper Walmart, pay fines and costs.

Cody L. Casper, pled guilty to possession of paraphernalia, class C misdemeanor; sentenced to two days in DCSC, pay fines and costs.Andrew W. Lyon, pled guilty to theft, level 6 felony; sentenced to 316 days in DCSC, with credit for time served, shall not trespass at Hucks at 230 3rd Avenue in Jasper, pay fines and costs.

Timothy Myers, Jr., dismissed with prejudice.

Small Claims (New Suits)

Legacy Living of Jasper vs Steven Toth, complaint.

Philip H. Schwenk, D.D.S. vs the following: PJ Mackey; Bradley J. Robbins, complaint.

Small Claims

Organ Law Offices vs the following: Kimberly and William Gudorf, judgment for plaintiff, $1,129.19; Ronald Nixon, dismissed.

Medical of Dubois vs the following: Jonathan Spaid, dismissed; Jose I. and Maricela Gomez, dismissed.

Allstar Cash Advance vs the following: Linda Lumpkins, judgment for plaintiff, $226.25; Logan T. Matheis, default judgment for plaintiff, $689 plus interest and court costs; Stacey Buhr, default judgment for plaintiff, $607 plus interest and court costs. Ewing Properties vs Charles Miller, judgment for plaintiff, $1,500.

Hoosier Accounts Service vs Bryce A. Barkley, judgment for plaintiff, $1,845.51.

Ann B. Patterson, M.D. vs the following: Sarah Becher, judgment for plaintiff, $524.77; Cody Fischer, dismissed.

Center Street Apartments vs the following: Jessica Preston, dismissed; Cody Sergeant, dismissed; Tony Welp, dismissed.Bretzville Tire vs Steven Hubster, default judgment for plaintiff, $413.90 plus interest and court costs.

Tom’s Lawn and Garden Center vs Jordan and Misty Ison, default judgment for plaintiff, $1,366.68 plus interest and court costs.

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