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Dubois County Court News – May 3, 2022


Speeding: Kendra P. Tribbie; Debra A. Montgomery; Caroline E. Roth; Bret D. Eckert; Larry D. Zehr; Bryson S. Kinney; Shannon L. Knight, $141. 

Authorizing or Knowingly Permitting Unlicensed Individual to Drive Motor Vehicle: Schauna L. Uebelhor, $141. 

Following Too Closely: Larry D. Cook, $141.

Passing Stopped School Bus: Sharyn A. Lopez, $141. 

Failure to Register: Monty R. Beaty, $141. 

No Valid Driver’s License: Kolton S. Denu, $141. 

Driving While Suspended: Rassiel Q. Fernandez, $141. 

Operating Motor Vehicle with a Fictitious Plate: Daniel L. Cagle, $141. 

Seatbelt Violation: Kylie A. Evans; Owen M. Fuhrman; Michael D. Enriquez; Nicholas S. Burke, $25. 

Failure to Yield Right-of-Way: Austin R. Oser; Leigh A. Doss, $141. 

Disregarding Official Traffic Control Device: Tracy E. Mullen, $141. 

No Valid Driver’s License / Passing Stopped School Bus: Tania Alfaro, $141. 

New Suits

Tiffany Lynn McDonald vs Ryan Treg McDonald, domestic relations.

Professional & Business Collections, LLC vs Dana Beaty, civil collection.

DNF Associates, LLC vs Rahimah Ibrahim, civil collection.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company vs Mary K. Costa civil plenary.

Terry and Caroline Gobert vs John M. Divine, civil tort.

Synchrony Bank vs Audrey Dortch, civil collection. 

Morgan Lee Hall vs Derrick Wayne Hall, domestic relations.

In the Matter of the Paternity of Logan R. Burgdorf.

In the Matter of the Paternity of Oscar A. Kissinger.

Daphne I. Ayala vs Elmis Ayala, domestic relations.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC vs Walter T. Dombrowski and unknown tenant, mortgage foreclosure.

In the Matter of the Paternity of Declan Charles Harner. 

Circuit Civil

Discover Bank vs Brien Lagle, Jr., default judgment for plaintiff, $5,220.29 plus interest and costs. 

Springs Valley Bank & Trust vs William Bicknell, dismissed. 

Paige Christensen vs Cody Christensen, marriage dissolved. 

Circuit Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Marilyn Ubelhor, dismissed. 

Tyler Griffith, pled guilty to failure to return to lawful detention, level 6 felony; sentenced to 730 days in the Dubois County Security Center (DCSC), all suspended to 730 days probation, pay fines and costs.

Superior Civil

Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance, as subrogee of Janet and David Leisman, vs Lena Davis, default judgment for plaintiffs, $7,009.03 plus interest. 

Superior Criminal

State of Indiana vs the following:

Austin G. Burton, dismissed with prejudice. 

Eve G. Zink, pled guilty to dealing in marijuana (count 2), level 6 felony; possession of a controlled substance (count 4), class A misdemeanor; and possession of paraphernalia (count 6), class C misdemeanor; sentenced to 455 days in DCSC in count 2, 365 days in count 4 and 60 days in count 6, to run concurrently and with credit for three days served, remaining time suspended to 449 days supervised probation, obtain and maintain paid employment, obtain drug/alcohol assessment and comply with all treatment recommendations, shall not possess or consume alcohol or controlled substances, submit to and pass random alcohol/drug screenings, pay fines and costs. 

Cory J. Rollins, pled guilty to possession of marijuana, class A misdemeanor; sentenced to pay fines and costs. 

Jose Leandro Avila Iglesias, pled guilty to passing a stopped school bus (count 1), class A misdemeanor, and knowingly or intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license (count 2), class C misdemeanor; sentenced to six days in DCSC, pay fines and costs. 

Small Claims (New)

S&S Corporation vs Morgan S. Smith, Ashton D. Kendall and Neal H. Smith, eviction.

CC Commons vs Christopher Frick, eviction. 

Richard and Lisa Rasche vs Manuel Rugamas Calderon, complaint. 

Seng Pediatric Dentistry vs Taylor B. and Taylor M. Brown, complaint. 

Small Claims

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: Eliezer P. Garcia, judgment for plaintiff, $558.59 plus costs and interest; Trista L. Elliott, default judgment for plaintiff, $1,413.44 plus costs and interest. 

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. vs Mary Kearby, dismissed. 

Procol, Inc. vs Duane Hosler, dismissed. 

Tretter Physical Therapy vs Heather Smith, judgment for plaintiff, $875.97 plus costs and interest. 

Charles Kruger Estate vs Christopher Stephens and all occupants, dismissed. 

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