Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – February 16, 2024


Maxwell C. and Whitney M. Keller to Ryan P. Smith. S 1/2 SW s28, t1n, r5w, 1.0 acre; S 1/2 SW s28, t1n, r5w, 0.12 acre.

Gerardo A. Cuellar Figueroa to Ana Deysi Cortez Ramos. Lot 4, Joseph L. Hasenours Fifth Add., Jasper.

Dale Alan Jahn to Carole A. Jahn. E 1/2 SE s5, t2s, r4w, 1.78 acres.

Estate of Fred A. Barth, by Jeff S. and Chad F. Barth, co-executors, to the Fred A. Barth Testamentary Trust, German American Bank, trustee. Pt. SE NE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.03 acre; Pt. SE NE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.10 acre; Pt. NW s27, t3s, r4w, 35.43 acres; Pt. SE NE s28, t3s, r4w, 24.29 acres.

Frank O. Jochim to Eric Daniel Jochim. Pt. NE NW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.33 acre, Huntingburg.

Mary J. Fisher to Denise J. Friedman, Keith A. and Kevin E. Fisher. Transfer on death affidavit. Pt. NW NE s15, t1s, r5w, 0.49 acre; Pt. NE NW s15, t1s, r5w, 0.19 acre.

Mark A. Boehm, by Randy J. Boehm, power of attorney, to Popp Rentals LLC. Pt. SW NE s1, t2s, r5w, 1.31 acres, Jasper.

Judie Gudger to Vikas Kumar R. Patel. Pt. NW NE s26, t2s, r3w, 0.90 acre.

Jeff C. Deno to 812 Rentals LLC. Lot 44 and Pt. Lot 43, Roettgers  Add., Patoka Twp.

Amy R. Helming to Matthew T. Crew. Pt. SW SW s35, t1s, r4w; S 1/2 NW SW s35, t1s, r4w, Jasper.

J. Rohleder Properties LLC to Victoria Renee and Christian Peltier. Pt. Outlot 3, Huntingburg.

Jean Ann Schwinghammer to Paul E. Schwinghammer. E 1/2 NW s34, t2s, r5w, 0.30 acre, Huntingburg.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joshua T. and Caitlyn M. Lottes. Lot 120, Hunters Crossing Section 4.

Sam Polen to Ronald Scott Daugherty. Lot 9, D J Realty Corp Second Add., Jasper.

Helen I. Kendall to Benjamin K. and Adeline J. Gaither. Pr. SW NW s18, t1s, r5w, 0.52 acre, Jasper.

Candi L. Mehringer, Gidget L. Schnell, Douglas and Joyce Watkins to Marjorie Ricamadas. Lot 7 and Pt. Lot 8, Summit Heights Add., Jasper.

Kylie Ann and Beau Anderson to Ashley Dawn and Michael L. Tempel. Pt. SE SE s19, t3s, r4w, 0.58 acre; Pt. SE SE s19, t3s, r4w, 0.02 acre, Ferdinand.

Norma Jean Trent to Jeffrey Craig and Amber Lee Deno. Pt. Inlot 36, Huntingburg.

Harder Enterprises Inc. to T&J Hoffman Holdings FLP. E end of S fractional s27, t1n, r5w, 169.68 acres.

Chris Matheis to Zachory Arthur and Brooke Raeann Keller. Lot 45, Ottawa Hills Part III, Bainbridge Twp.

Carpenter Rentals LLC to Snyder Rentals 1 LLC. Pt. Lot 14, Milburn’s Add., Jasper.

John and Carol Sue Sander, by Tina Winterboer Swisher, power of attorney, to Lizzeth Melendez Ayala. S 1/2 NE s34, t1s, r5w, Jasper.

Gary E. and Michael L. Sickbert and Anita L. Mehringer to GAM Sickbert LLC. W 1/2 SE s27, t2s, r3w, 1.429 acres.

Robert S. Pfister to Navarrete and Pfister LLC. Lot 2, OT Jasper.