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Monday, September 27, 2021

Fishing on the Patoka River NWR

The Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge is well known for its many hiking trails, but it also offers great opportunities for fishing as well. Indiana DNR is providing the perfect time to test your fishing skills with their free fishing days when a license to fish is not required. Those dates are May 2, June 5-6 and September 25. 

On the Refuge some of the more popular spots are Sycamore Pond, Stonehenge Pond, Indian Hill Lake, Laura Hill Lake and Massey Lake. Common species of fish that are caught are bass, blue gill and crappie. Fishing is also possible on the Patoka River. State regulations apply as to license, seasons, sizes, limits, methods of take and species of fish to be taken with the exception of regulations that are specific to the Patoka River NWR. The Refuge has regulations regarding fishing, boats and activities that are prohibited on the Refuge. For a complete list of fishing and boating regulations as well as a map with lake locations go to www.fws.gov/refuge/patoka_river/. 

Grab your pole and come test the waters at the Patoka River NWR!

Josiah Ross proudly displays his catch. Photo by Jeremy Ross

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