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Governor Eric Holcomb addresses Hoosiers

“I talk to Hoosiers border to border, from different walks of life, and this has rocked their world, understandably. It has changed everything. And I want them to know, that that’s why I want to be in constant communication. The Lt. Governor and I want to know what the individual challenge is…what the barrier is, whether it’s unemployment or questions about where my kid’s going to eat — we want to help them solve that problem. And with millions of Hoosiers in the same boat, we got to look out for each other.”

-Governor Eric Holcomb

Some of those actions include:

Extending Indiana’s state of emergency by another 30 days when it expires on April 5

All of Indiana’s K-12 public schools will remain closed through May 1, and non-public schools are also ordered closed.

The deadline to pay your state income taxes will be extended from April 15 to July 15 to align with new federal dates, and penalties will be waived for 60 days for property taxes paid after May 11.

Providers of essential utilities are prohibited from discontinuing services during the public health emergency.

Small businesses can apply for disaster loans through the Small Business Administration to overcome temporary revenue losses

The state will interpret Indiana’s unemployment laws to the broadest extent possible to cover Hoosiers who are out of work because of COVID-19.

No residential eviction proceedings or foreclosure actions may be initiated during the public health emergency.

The commissioner of the Department of Insurance will request that insurers institute a 60-day moratorium on policy cancellations for non-payment of premiums.

To limit the number of in-branch transactions, late fees will be waived for several driver’s licenses and identification card renewals, vehicle registrations, titles, and certain other transactions.

Mental health professionals are permitted to practice via telemedicine.

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