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North Spencer County Schools Kindergarten Round-Up and Preschool and Daycare Enrollment.

North Spencer School Corporation has set the dates for Kindergarten Round-up and Preschool and Daycare Enrollment in the elementary schools. To be eligible to enter Kindergarten in the fall, a child must be five (5) years of age on or before August 1, 2020. Children must be three (3) years of age by August 1, 2020 to enroll in the Preschool and Daycare Program. 

Parents will need to bring their child’s birth certificate, shot record and social security number to the Round-Up and/or Preschool and Daycare enrollment if possible.

It is very important that any child who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall to register at the Round-Up. The child registering for Kindergarten is encouraged to attend the Round-Up with the parent/guardian. The Kindergarten teachers will be present at the Round-UP for their individual schools. Reminders registration process: 1) Only those who are NOT already in the North Spencer Preschool Program are required to attend Round-Up. 2) If you would like to request that you child attend kindergarten in a school other than your school of residence, you may attend the Round-Up at either school and fill out the appropriate transfer request. Transfer requests will be approved or denied based upon final enrollment numbers prior to June 1, 2020.

Parents enrolling a child in the Preschool and Daycare Program should enroll at their schools of residence. Preschoolers from outside the North Spencer School District are welcome to enroll and should register at the site where they wish their child to attend. Principals will be present at their schools on registration day to answer questions regarding the Preschool and Daycare Program. Spots for preschool are limited. Be sure to attend!

If your child is currently enrolled in the North Spencer Preschool Program and your child will continue the program during the 2020-2021 school year, it will not be necessary for you to attend Preschool Round-Up. However, it is necessary that you notify your child’s school that you will be returning for 2020-2021 school year prior to the round-up date, or your spot may be taken by a new enrollee.

If your child will be completing the North Spencer Preschool Program and will be entering Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year, you and your child need NOT attend the Kindergarten Round-Up. Necessary kindergarten paperwork and information will be sent home in your child’s weekly preschool folder.

The scheduled Round-Up/Enrollment dates for the elementary schools are:

1.David Turnham Educational Center (937-2400, Extension 6), Monday, February 10, 2020

2. Chrisney Elementary (937-2400, Extension 7), Tuesday, February 11, 2020

3. Lincoln Trail Elementary (937-2400, Extension 5), Wednesday, February 12, 2020

4. Nancy Hanks Elementary (937-2400, Extension 4), Thursday, February 13, 2020

*In the event school is cancelled due to bad weather, the Round-Up/Enrollment will be cancelled.

Registration will be held from 12:00 Noon -3:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. -7:00 P.M. at David Turnham, Nancy Hanks, and Chrisney. At Lincoln Trail, you may schedule an appointment as needed during the week of February 11-15. If it will be impossible for you to register you child at the scheduled Round-Up or there is a time conflict, you should contact school officials at the school your child will be attending prior to the scheduled Round-Up/Enrollment Day. On the day of the scheduled Round-Up, present kindergarten classes in that building will be in session.

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