Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – February 8, 2024


Mary Jo Grundhoefer to Kenneth Michael Bohnert. Lot 263, Holly Shores 5th Sub.

Michael Crews to Catherine Crews. Lots 39 and 36, Town of Grandview.

Sylvia Jeffries to James Wilfred Ndikintum. Lot 32, Holly Shores 11th Add.

Linda Hume, Jon and Kevin Kreinhagen to Kevin C. Moron and Leannell V. Daniels. Lot 162, Evergreen 10th.

Paul D. and Judith K. Brockman to Luke J. and Robyn C. Pund. W 1/2 NW NW s19, t4s, r4w, 2.32 acres; E 1/2 NW s19, t4s, r4w, 1.83 acres, Ferdinand.

Luke J. and Robyn C. Pund to Ryan J. and Lacy J. Oeding. Lot 171, January 1st Sub., Santa Claus.

David Suer to David and Linda Suer. Pt. SW SW s17, t4s, r5w; Pt. SW SW s17, t4s, r5w, three acres.

Joshua W. Wade to Blaine M. and Shaylyn M. Persinger. E 1/2 SE NE s21, t5s, r6w, five acres.

Spencer County Bank to Derrick R. Dowell. Pt. Fractional 80/100 acres s4, t7s, r5w, Grandview.

Joseph A. and Amy S. Schiff to Kenneth and Caitlyn Mathew. Lot 24, Pleasant Grove Sub. Phase 1, Rockport.

Jon G. Burdin to Ariel F. Ramsey. Lot 33, William R. Hynes Don., Rockport.