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Court News: August 12, 2019

Spencer County marriage licenses

Robert Eugene Kirkpatrick III, Richland to Schelain Dawn Franklin, Richland.

Justin Andrew Meserve, Rockport to Kacie Noelle Thompson, Rockport.

Jeffrey Lee Ferguson, Santa Claus to Jamie Elaine Henson-Lanham, Santa Claus.

Shane A. Oser, Evanston to Alexandria Lynn Cochenour, Evanston.

Jesse E. Frields, Chrisney to Kaleigh Erin Goldman, Chrisney.

David Eugene Gerard, Richland to Barbara Ellen Moog, Palmyra.

Spencer County court news

Traffic and other infractions

Speeding: Demi Peterson; Ryan Parsley; Elliott Masterson; Alexandria Paulin; Christopher Bartimus; Darrell Girten; Benjamin Lovell; Nelson Showntez; Donald Tuley; Michael Zogg; Kearstyn Donahue; Emily Smith; Chase Curtsinger; Ronald Porter; Otto Sloane, $147; Trent Summers; Kristin Bonner; Sean Hannon; Jefferson Bushur; Samuel Khomtchenko; Yordanis Perez Miranda, $157.

Disregarding Stop Sign: Stacey Keller, $147.

Seatbelt Violation: Jeremy Bauer; Tiffany Hopf, $25.

No License/Speeding: Kimberly Goffinet, $147; Luis Garcia Bocanegra, $148.50.

Driving While Suspended: Christopher Dube, $137.

Expired Plates: Nicholas McCarthy, $137.

Civil (New Suits)

LVNV Funding LLC vs Tyler Morris, civil collection.

Discover Bank C/O Discover Products vs Clifton Love, civil collection.

Onemain Financial Group LLC vs Jeremiah Mayo, civil collection.

Midland Funding LLC vs the following: Myra Stanley; Dennis Wright, civil collection.

Plaza Home Mortgage Inc. vs Kaitlin E. Cecil, mortgage foreclosure.

In Re: The Name Change of Francis S. Obermeier to Stephen F. Obermeier, miscellaneous.

Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Company vs Cody Patton, civil plenary.

Constance S. Bennett vs Bruce R. Bennett, domestic relations.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs Kirk A. Masterson, civil collection.

German American Bancorp vs Priority Management LLC, Louis F. Parsley III and Marlene S. Parsley, mortgage foreclosure.


J.A. Finance LLC d/b/a CNAC vs Heather C. Deweese, default judgment for plaintiff, $7,745.89 plus costs and interest.

Onemain Financial Group LLC vs Michael Young, default judgment for plaintiff, $3,312.91 plus costs and interest.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs the following: Jess C. Williams, default judgment for plaintiff, $9,132.63; German E. Muse, default judgment for plaintiff, $3,731.16.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs George Kjelson, dismissed without prejudice.

Cavalry SPV I, LLC vs Jason R. Hart, $1,877.99 plus costs and interest.

Criminal (New Suits)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Alexander Tyler Payne, residential entry, a Class D felony.


State of Indiana vs the following:

Kelsey G. Tatum, judgment order, pled guilty to carrying a handgun without a license and two counts of intimidation, all Class A misdemeanors, sentenced to a total of 1,095 days Spencer County Law Enforcement Center (SCLEC) with two days to be executed, rest suspended to probation, one day credit for time served, drug use testing and counseling requirements, education requirement, no contact with victim or victim’s family, may transfer probation to home county, pay $10 fine.

Tyler W. Burch, probation terms and conditions, pled guilty to Possession of Methamphetamine, a level 6 felony and Reckless Driving, a Class C misdemeanor, sentenced to 1 1/2 years SCLEC with 92 days to be executed, rest suspended to probation, comply with aftercare requirements, 15 hours community service, complete driver safety course, pay $10 fine.

Small Claims (New Suits)

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: Shannon S. Fenwick; Shawna M. Farina; Kimberly D. Howell; Stephanie G. Corley; Tony L. Bowman Sr.; Melissa K. Hoffman; Christopher Koch; Allen R. Beier, complaints. 

Linda Hancock vs Lincoln Jones, complaint.

Probate (New Suits)

In Re: The Estate of Margaret l. Youngblood. Robyn Collignon, personal representative.

Spencer County real estate transfers

P. Lynn and W. Kevin Brauns to Natalie R. Esarey. OL 85, Moselys and Griffins Don., City of Rockport.

William A. Jester to Chelsea L. Critchfield. Lot 12, Westgate Phase A, City of Rockport.

M&DH Enterprises LLC to Mark R. and Darla J. Hagedorn  as trustees of the Mark R. Hagedorn Revocable Trust U/W/A and Darla J. Hoffman Revocable Trust U/W/A respectively, each with a 1/2 interest. Pt. NW s17, t4s, r4w, 15.590 acres.

Brittany R. McKinley to Steven A. Lindauer. SE SW s12, t7r, r7w, 3.770 acres.

SMS Price Farms Inc. to Steven P. and Alicia Haaff. N 1/2 SW s24, t5s, r6w, 2.758 acres; N 1/2 SW s24, t5s, r6w, 3.447 acres; N 1/2 SW s24, t5s, r6w, 3.157 acres.

Brad-Lee and Allison A. Spaetti Hagan to Joseph Sisley. Pt. 72, 73 and 74 L.G. Smith Add. 

Stanley Waninger to Amelia R. and Travis E. Sitzman. NW SW s7, t5s, r3w, 14.837 acres.

George L. and Melissa M. Bercaw to Christopher John and Donna Sue Beckman. Lots 69 and 70, Fifth Sub., Holly Shores, CLV.

Robert F. and Julie A. Price to Jonathon A. and Jessica A. Kincaid. E 1/2 of Lot 9 and Lot 10, Seventh Sub., Reindeer, CLV.

Charles McBride to Travis N. and Angie S. Thomas. SW SE s23, t5s, r6w, 20 acres.

Sunrise Development Corp. to Justin M. Barnhill. Lot 6 in OL 85, Mosleys & Griffins Don., City of Rockport.

Seth A. Gogel to Jerome E. and Cynthia A. Neville. Lot 17, Walnut Place, Holiday Village.

Kathy and Mark Page to Andrew and Deanna Mlynarczyk. Pt. NW NE s29, t7s, r7w, Town of Richland.

Brandon R. Lindauer to James and Sheila Grass. Lots 24 and 25, Eleventh Sub., Holly Shores, CLV.

Robert L. Kleeman to Brian and Dee Ann Woolems. Lot 18, Eighth Sub., Santa Fairway, CLV.

Spencer County Bank to Nicholas W. Mullen. Lot 135, JB Chrisney Add.; Pt. NE NE s11, t6s, r6w, 0.17 acre; Pt. NE NE s11, t6s, r5w, 0.4 acre. 

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