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Dale News Jan 3, 1964: Sandy Kleeman Voted Aces Basketball Queen for 1964

Sandy Kleeman

Sandy Keelan will be crowned 1963-64 basketball queen at the Dale-Cannelton game January 10. Sandy was chosen by preferential vote of the high school students from three senior girls chosen by majority vote of the senior class. All senior girls were legible except football queen Shirley Morris. The other candidates were Connie Brown and Bonnie Whitaker.

Connie Brown
Bonnie Whitaker

Finalist Connie Brown has elected to carry out her duties as captain of the varsity cheerleaders and will participate in the coronation in that capacity.

Attendants chosen by majority vote of the senior class are Susi Ballman, Charlotte Foster, Beth Kaiser, Rosa Lee Lindauer, Shirley Morris, Mary Stroud, and Antoinette Vaal.

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