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Dubois County Court News – November 7, 2022

Traffic and Infractions (new)

Owner allows dog to stray beyond owner’s premises: Erik K. Mahan.

Operating with expired plates: Jasmine Ayres; Emilo I. Gonzalez.

Speeding: Zander E. Maikranz; Calvin S. Gessner; Patrick M. Lampert; Robin L. Murphey; Brent S. Sloan; Brandon I. Tillman; Jacob E. Schneider; Oliver Martinez Caudillo; Alex C. Hinkle.

Disregarding stop sign: Sandra R. James.

Speeding in a School Zone: Sean M. Cunningham; Lisa Ann Rasche.

Passing a stopped school bus when stop arm is out and activated: William J. Alegria; Taisha R. Sturgeon.

Disregarding an official traffic control device: Thomas O. Mundy.

Driving left of center: Darryl Cross.

Driving while suspended: Mark A. Schaefer.

Improper passing (fails to pass on left at a safe distance  and/or cuts back unsafely: Jacob S. Watson.

Failure to yield left turn: Hannah N. Schulz.

No valid driver’s license: Luis I. Santillan Angeles.

Superior Civil (new)

Nancy and Steve Clark vs Autumn Blume, eviction.

Wagon Works Apartment Homes vs Jasmine Ayres, eviction.

Accelerated Inventory Management LLC vs Jason Wehr, complaint.

Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. vs Mid-America Sales Associates Inc., complaint.

Superior Court Criminal (new suits)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Sulma Salinas, operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, a Class A Misdemeanor; driving while suspended, a Class A infraction.

Michael A. Arteaga, public intoxication endangering his life and disorderly conduct-unreasonable noise, both Class B misdemeanors.

Anthony Jose Castro-Basabe, possession of methamphetamine, Class 6 felony; operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a Class C misdemeanor; operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, Class A misdemeanor.

Jose G. Martinez, operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, a Class A misdemeanor.

Santos Morente Calo, knowingly or intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, a Class C Misdemeanor.

Daniel I. Lamkin, auto theft-same 8265, prior conviction for either theft of an auto or auto parts, Level 5 felony; two counts of theft, Class A misdemeanors; possession of paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor.

Stacy L. Mahaney, interstate probation transfer request and acceptance from Henderson County, KY. Charges include felony and dangerous drugs, sanctioning court retains authority.

Circuit Civil (new suits)

Mariner Finance vs the following: Jason Kleeman; Sonja K. Sills; Tara Carrico; Jerry McVay, complaint.

Teachers Credit Union vs Chelsea Wallace, complaint.

Midland Credit Management vs Jeffrey Clark, complaint.

Shaylynne Rebekah Smith vs Justin Richard Smith, domestic relations.

Vehicle Title request for Christopher Cooper.

Shawn Casper vs Jennifer Carter, hearing on petition to establish paternity.

Anthony F. and Michele L. Uebelhor, vs Ava M., Nolan, Patrick and Ryan Uebelhor, petition to establish guardianship over person and estate of Ava M. Uebelhor, an incapacitated adult.

Timothy E. Muller, petitioner over estate of Linda D. Muller, deceased. Order appointing personal representative and ordering unsupervised administration.

Circuit Court Criminal – new

State of Indiana vs the following:

Myron P. Beckman, intimidation where defendant draws or uses a deadly weapon, Class 5 felony; two counts of intimidation, threat to commit a forcible felony, both Class 6 felonies; criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon, Class 6 felony; domestic battery, Class A misdemeanor.

Haley A. Hayes, strangulation, Level 6 felony; battery resulting in bodily injury, Class A misdemeanor; disorderly conduct, engages in fighting or tumultuous conduct, Class B misdemeanor.

Dakota P.A. Monroe, domestic batter with prior conviction, Level 6 felony; possession of a  schedule I, II, III or IV controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor; possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor, possession of paraphernalia.

Peggy R. Stoll, battery resulting in bodily injury, Class A misdemeanor and battery, Class B misdemeanor.

Small Claims (new suits)

Hoosier Accounts Service vs the following: Megan N. Myers; Donna M. Muir; Heidi N. Monier; Jordan J. Beach; Madeline M. Kaiser; Ginger R. Brewster; Nancy L. Lampert; James E. Allen III; Juana Duron Angeles; Victoria Ridener; Jacob M. Ivey; Alejandra E. Marroquin; Janet M. Brown; Courtney D. Messmer, civil collection. 

Jasper Municipal Utilities vs the following: Christopher S. Frick; Fany and Thai Chamathorn; Chastidy M. Bickford; Alex M. Jusino Jusino; Kasey W. Head, civil collection.

Procol, Inc. vs Sadie West, civil collection.

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