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Dubois County Marriage Licenses – June 28, 2022

Oops! Our faces are red!

Due to miscommunication, the Ferdinand News has not printed marriage licenses for quite some time.

Our apologies to the happy newlyweds whose special day was not mentioned in the paper recently!

The following marriage licenses were issued from April 1-June 23:

Abigail M. Ebenkamp to Cody Allen Schmitt, both of Jasper.

Aaron Levi Hagen to Sabrina Lorraine Adams, both of Huntingburg.

Joel T. Munson of Huntingburg to Amber D. Whiteman of Jasper.

Valerye Patience Pfeifer to Eric Dakota Jellison, both of St. Anthony.

Jayme Lindauer to Cole Anderson, both of Ferdinand. 

Moris Franklin Serrano Miranda to Carla De Los Angeles Serrano Iraeta, both of Jasper.

Danielle Sue Wagner to Landon Michael Rees, both of Jasper.

Heather Dawn Wright to Kenneth Street, both of Jasper.

Emily Marie Uebelhor to Blake Schitter, both of Jasper.

Ryan Matthew Temple to Pamela Lyn Nicole Schiefer, both of Jasper.

Jenna Lynn Libbert to Dakota Shane Hackmann, both of St. Anthony.

Gina Marie Knies to Keith P. Oser, both of Huntingburg.

Cynthia J. Brant to Richard J. Auxilien, both of Huntingburg.

Lilian Marisol Vides Gutierrez of Huntingburg to Marvin Alexander Orellana Caneza of Henderson, KY.

Nicholas Montee of Jasper to Kereston Hochgesang of St. Anthony.

Breana Clair Cowan of Petersburg to Dillon Lee Maddox of Huntingburg.

Jaxon Denu to Rose Mickelle Monclair, both of Dubois.

Madeline Alice Steffy to David Michael Jay Prior, both of Jasper.

Zachary Jay Graber of Montgomery to Taylor Nicole Wildman of Jasper.

Shanna R. Brinksneader to Brent Tobin, both of Ferdinand. 

Harrison Neil Steckler of Elberfeld to Payton Rose Prechtel of Huntingburg.

Amy Margarita Chevez to Quentin James Bell, both of Jasper.

Jessica Lynn Walsh to Justin R. Lichlyter, both of Huntingburg.

Brett A. Henke to Jacob Shawn Gunter, both of Jasper.

Jessica Lee Capehart of Jasper to Jonah Christian Paul Kuhn of Huntingburg.

Madelyn Marie Hostetter to Luke Edward Blaize, both of Jasper.

Lisa A. Tooley to Michael Shawn Traylor, both of Jasper.

Desariee Angeline Hayes to Kayelee Alexis Landry, both of Jasper.

Libby Marie Nehmer to John Anthony Samuel Racicot, both of Jasper.

Andi E. Kempf to Blake M. Knies, both of Celestine.

Thomas R. Braun to Carissa J. Rasche, both of Jasper.

Anthony James Kluemper of Jasper to Emily Anne Miller of Ferdinand. 

Andy Everett Dewitt of Huntingburg to Katie Garrison of Jasper.

Madeline Marie Laux of Celestine to Tristan Robert Begle of Huntingburg.

Chayanna Ines Gomez to Luis Ivan Santillan Angeles, both of Jasper.

Jeremy Allen Foll to Amanda Hodson, both of Ferdinand.

Burke A. Brad to Jenna L. Jones, both of Jasper.

Carolyn A. Davis of Jasper to John W. Harper of Lynn Haven, FL.

Alexa F. Mills to Dalton Beard, both of Ferdinand.

Hannah Charlene Nordhoff of Jasper to Blake Anthony Schulthies of Dubois.

Luke Jacob of Birdseye to Mariah Fischer of Celestine.

Zachary Alexander Crabtree to Ann Yung Kemper, both of Jasper.

Madison Renee Grundhoefer to Nathan James Tretter, both of Holland.

Ricki Kay Lahr to Zachary Jon Seger, both of Huntingburg. 

Travis Lee Demontigny to Amber Elizabeth Gutgsell, both of Jasper.

Beverly A. DeKemper to Daniel C. Burke, both of Jasper.

Elijah Christopher Sowry to Ashley Amber Altum-Ortega, both of Jasper.

David Lee Mundy to Mary Diane Wendholt, both of Jasper.

Rachel E. Atwood to Matthew W. Krueger, both of Jasper.

Kyle Stephen Burger to Trish Lee Orndorff, both of Dubois. 

Jonathan Thomas Faulkner to Katherine Louella Jones, both of Huntingburg.

Nicolette Eckert of Jasper to John Smith III of Chicago, IL.

Chauncey Nichole Buschkoetter to Aaron Michael Altstadt, both of Huntingburg.

Brittney Leah Cato to Lucas Allen Gehlhausen, both of Celestine.

Courtney Michelle Jones to Cole Donald Kreilein, both of Jasper. 

Brandon Timothy Ferguson to Landen Gregory Weidenbenner, both of Huntingburg.

Ashli Michelle Kempf of Jasper to Zackary Allen Wheatley of Huntingburg.

Liam Anthony Douglas to Cassandra Nicole Redd, both of Ferdinand.

Daniel Dean Fromme to Jennifer R. Ward, both of Jasper.

Nancy Philibert to Lionel Sylvain, both of Jasper. 

Jeffrey Dale Beshears of Evansville to Nissa Nicole McConnell of Ferdinand.

Ariana Alexandra Benitez to Jose Alcides Cruz Cruz, both of Jasper.

Dustin Joseph Wagner to Laura Ann Pund, both of Dubois.

Douglas G. Fleck to Rebecca J. Williams, both of Celestine.

Ryan Gilbert Whitsitt to Serina Michelle Burress, both of Huntingburg.

Kendra Marie Brelage to Joshua Kyle Ryan, both of Jasper. 

Eric Joseph Obermeyer to Courtney Jo Foye, both of Jasper.

Malcolm C. Foster to Jasmine H. Divine, both of Jasper.

Alyssa Brook Porter to Maurice Ramos Zapata II, both of Jasper.

Michael Ottis Donovan to Rachel Hannah Smith, both of Jasper.

Bertha Zamora Jauregui to Dustin Kearby, both of Jasper.

Carolina Lisseth Abarca to Rudi Isai Lopez, both of Jasper. 

Alejandro Arellano Morales of Jasper to Samantha Nicole Brown of Troy.

Rilyn Marie Rusher to Brock Dugle Bawel, both of Jasper.

Trev Michael Didelot of Bloomington to Annie Webber Getzin of Jasper.

Mitchell Lee Eckert to Jennifer Gwen Schnieders, both of Jasper.

Eric Christopher Dodson to Maria Jane Pickens, both of Jasper.

Betis Leydis Rodriguez Verdecia to Juan Pablo Ledesma Reyes, both of Jasper. 

Ely J. Santos Barrientos to Maria Jose Rivas, both of Jasper.

Tanner James Lydie to Aubrey Hannah Evans, both of Jasper.

Jonathan Santiago Vega to Mirian Villatoro Sanabria, both of Jasper.

Dustin Aaron Ingle to Amy Denise Werner, both of Jasper.

Melissa Mae Cain of Huntingburg to Brandon Joseph Brenner of Dale. 

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